Spot Cream?

God these spots are getting me down! I look like I have been shot repeatedly on the chin (as my lovely H2B never fails to tell me!)

Anyone know of a good spot cream I can use? Something from Boots so I can get it at lunch- I'm getting desperate!!

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  • oh hun i know exactly how you feel image i have suffered with acne since i was at school and was JUST getting in under control!! Now i look in the mirror and just want to cry..

    Im using a chinese herbal lotion at the moment and compared to all the other lotions and potions its works better its called 101E acne getaway lotion, its much cheaper if you buy on line.

  • Until becoming pregnant i never really had a single spot, now i am covered, i even have some on the top of my back!! I use to be an account manager for a cosmetics company and have tried all the lotion and potions from the cheap to the expenisve. Unfortunately nothing works on me and it will only be when the baby's born and my hormones have settled that they will go. Sorry not much help. If you are to try anything i would recommed olay regenerist micro thermal scrub and a pore refining cream.
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