Baby show 28th Feb

Is anybody going? I am about to book tickets for hubby mum and nan all 4 of us will be off to it. Don;t really know what to expect but heard they are really good.

K xx


  • I really wish i was going i went last time when i was pg and was great and got quite a few freebies as well!

    Have a great time x
  • I'm there on the 27th

    15+4 x
  • We were going to go but as this one is in Excel (the October one was in Earls Court) we're giving it a miss as Excel is just a bit too much of a pain for us to get too.

    We've got everything we need now - mostly!

  • im going on the 28th! trying to arrange a bit of a meet maybe for a coffee or something.. there is a lot of girls of baby going... i went when i was pg with brooke and it was fab! x
  • Cool, I did not know you get free stuff as well. I feel silly going as I will over just be over 4 months so not that far at all but the next one is after the baby is born.

    I am very excited and so is my mum and nan bless them.

    K xx
  • lol we was going to go to earls court one i think the one in may but its the weekend the baby is due! lol so thought prob wudnt be wise! i am 26+2 and we know what we are having this time so i bet i'll spend a fortune! we had arm loads of freebies last time! xx

    its the birmingham one in may that i was gunna go to! x

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  • I would love to go but i promised I wouldnt buy anything until I was about 24-26 weeks gone so shopping there wouldnt be as fun! The next one is in October at Earls Court so I may go to that one as the Birmingham one in May is out of the question.

    Have fun

  • I should be going to the 28th one. I went to one a few years when I was 8-9 months pregnant, and after 5mins I wanted to leave. I just got so hot and tired I couldn't enjoy it. Hopefully this time round it should be good fun. Want to test out all the lovely buggies! I'm really going to try not to buy anything, just more of a massive window shopping day! xxx

    Cat 15+2
  • I am hoping to not buy a thing, it's just too soon but would be great to get some info and try the prams out and I know my mum and nan are sooo excited bless them hee hee i am really looking forward to it image

    K xx
  • me and sunnymum22 created this group to try and arrange for us to meet for a coffee at the baby show! anyone interested in meeting please join and we can arrange a place time etc
  • We are going even though we have most of our stuff already, we started buying at 16 weeks and although it seems early for me im glad i did as now i feel to exhusted and heavy to be going shopping and looking for baby things for hours plus i cant carry much now! You can get some great bargins at the show im hoping to pick up a few things that we still need.

    Jennie 30+2
  • I went a few years ago when pregnant with my first and had a fab time, i did come away with a few bargins and a load of freebies. It does get very busy tho so be prepared to queue. They had lots to do for young kids too, plus there are classes and seminars. xx
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