Hormone Levels

Well Ladies, as some of you may know I am getting my blood taken every other day to check my HCG levels. I had it done on Thursday and it was 5298 then got it done yesterday and it was 14999. The midwife said that the results would suggest that I am pregnant. I've to go back tomorrow to get more blood done and possibly another internal scan to see if they can see anything this time, as last week they couldn't see anything apart from a sac oh aye and a cyst on one of my ovaries!

She mentioned the cyst again on the phone dont know if its going to cause a problem so I think I'm going to speak to her about that tomorrow.

If I'm being honest I think they think I am having an eptopic pregnacy.

I never had any of this with my last pregnacy, I wish they had just left me be and then I won't have all this worry that tbh I dont really need!!!



  • hi i had ectopic in jan last year all my hcg levels were rising but fond nothing on the scans my hcg made it to over ten thousand before they finally found it through surgery and i had it removed along with my tube i was 8 1/2 weeksand baby was still alive. then in march i became preg and my hcg was going up then started to fall and it ended in msc. not nice but im now 33 wks with a healthy girl . keep your chin up x x x
  • Were you bleeding or anything, as I've not had anything I feel totally fine?
    The only reason they scanned me was because they thought I might have been further on that I am.
  • hi sorry for delay. no i never bled with my ectopic never had any signs anything was wrong until they scanned and could not find anything at 8 wks x x
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