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hey all

we have just found out were having a boy, we have a 2year old son called cameron am really stuck for names as cameron was the only boy name we had last time.any suggestions would be great thanks!!! x x x x x x


  • I've always liked Liam for a boy but we can't have liam for our boy cause hubby has a cousin called Liam image
  • im having same problem.. I have a son called Nathan, but it took me 9 months to pick his name and stick with it ha ha. Now we are having another boy, so 4 months left to find a name.. sorry cant help, it must be a boy thing.. girls are asy i think
    caz x
  • Hi if we were going to have a boy we were going to call him Gabriel, Gabe for short or Bailey,But we had a girl called Grace xo
  • I had this problem with my first boy! Knew 2nd name was my dads name but could not think of a 1st name. By chance my auntie mentioned a name in conversation when I was 6 mths gone and i thought - yeah! Maybe as you are watching a programme or film, reading a book or mag or just in conversation you will hear something that makes you think - yeah!
  • Forgot - with my 2nd boy we got his name because my eldest used to sing the song "you and me together" from Oliver & Co to my bump and so Oliver stuck!
  • LOL

    Iv been doing the same thing with the credits. There really are some unfortunate people out there with weird names.

  • I like Harry, Edward, Elliot, Evan, Jake and Oliver

  • i have a harry and luke. other names we liked were reece, oliver, jacob (or jake), max, alfie, mmmm thats all i can think of at the mo. it is much easier to pick girls names i think and read the credits when i was pg too! lol!
  • I have found boys names much easrier to pick than girls!! I have a boy already called Brandon.

    This time I like Jack thats what we have picked for sure. Other boys I like are Rian, Oliver/Ollie, Thomas and Max
  • Hi,
    We found out that we are having a girl, but if we were having a boy we liked the names Lewis and Ethan.
  • Hello i like Owen, Oliver and Harrison
  • hi my son is name joseph thomas but we could never find a girls name still cant! xx
  • Hi, What about...

    Mark, Michael, Rhys, Dylan, Morgan, Matthew, Graham, Jonathan, Stephen, Glen, Daryl, Alex, Luke, I'm running low now... lol...

    We had chosen Adam if its a boy, but i'm not sure if i like it now, its a bit old fashioned. :0/

    Good Luck!!!
  • i like the old fashioned traditional names, think they shud make a come back!
  • hi
    i like dominic and reuben for a bopy lucjily my oh likes them names too

  • Hi,
    it is harder to choose boys names (and for husband to agree...) isn't it?
    I like James, but husband doesn't. He made the silly suggestion of Wotan (he WAS joking!) I think we have chosen Imogen if it's a girl; I can't find any other girls names, now, because I like Imogen so much!
    I've been looking at tv credits, too. Lots of Christophers and Johns...
    Try a baby name book; I'm hoping my mother-in-law buys one for Christmas...

    Happy searching!
  • I got 2 girls called Lara and Kayla and easy picking them. Harder with my wee boy - we had Ryan, Marco, Lucas, Bailey but then came across Oakley and we both loved it as soon as we heard it - it seemed to go with the girls names and our surname. I wanted something unusual but not obscure or silly which is hard. I didnt want a name that every other child would have once they started school/nursery and so far we've been lucky. ALtho I've heard the girls names they are few and far between and most are younger than my girls.

    There are some great baby name sights on the internet.
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