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Hi, This isn't strictly pregnancy related so not sure if I'm ment to post it but here goes

I've done one of those e petition with the goverment and I'd be grateful to anyone that wants to sign. Here is the link

Its basically a petion to stop hospitals from charging to use there car parks. A ban on it has just been made in Wales and I don't see why the rest of the country shoul'nt have one to. Plus think of the money we'd save when we give birth!

Thanks xxx


  • Now that sounds like a good petition. Its ridiculous that it costs ??2 to park for 30 minutes while having a scan. I bet you get more sign this one than join my fan club!
  • That sounds like a really good idea, although tbh I'd settle for some sort of cap on the prices as they are just bloody ridiculous.
  • I think this is a good idea. We are quite lucky that ours is ??1.70 for 6 hours, some are a lot more than that esp any that are in city centres.
  • i've just signed great petition
  • Just found an article in a paper last month

    Unfortunately some hospitals are run byprivate finance initiatives, and the private companies are given control of key services. I have also read, that those in inner city centres charge for parking to discourage people from parking there who want to go shopping.
    Im also aware that health care professionals in some hospitals have to pay for parking permits. This increases the higher up the ladder you are!

    Its a good petition to start...will sign it. I do prefer the hospital parking where you get a ticket on entering the car park and pay on leaving. Saves having to find the correct change.
  • My sister is training to be a nurse. She goes on regular placements at lots of different childrens hospitals and in some areas they can park for free but at one hospital they have to pay ??5 a day!!! I know we moan but at least we dont have to pay it every day just to help save lives! Hope your petition can help the staff too.
  • I have signed it!

    Its a fantastic idea - need add no more!
  • hi your sister aware that she can claim her parking fees back along with her travel costs. used to be a student nurse myself...
  • Bumpety Bump how does she do that? I think she assumes cos she has a bursary that is to cover all her costs.
  • ive signed it! image
  • I've signed it to. The car park charges at ERI are extortionate and think we should send the link to everyone we know to get the signatures on there.
  • parking charges, yet another reason not to drive. will sign it, but luckily don't have this problem, FIL drops us off and picks us up, or I have been know to walk there, it's only a 15min walk out of town.
  • All signed.
    I think its terrible that hospitals charge for parking. Let's face you wouldn't be there unless it was absolutely necessary so to charge at a time that is or can be emotionally difficult is an outrage.

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