In pain :( (bit long)

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with this one?

I am 7+6 and this will be my 4th baby my last one was 8 yrs ago so its been a long time.
Yesterday I started to get a really bad pain in the bottom of my back which got worse if i moved around, it was still there this morning so I called my doctor who told me to take some paracetamol and rest.
He called me back an hour later and as i was still in pain i had to go and see him.
He did a urine test and all was fine and he had a feel of my belly all was fine ?
He has said if i am still in pain tomorrow he will book me in for a scan for mon or tuesday.

I am wondering if there is any chance it could be an early onset of SPD as I had it with my daughter very bad and i also have sciatica which is worse when i am pregnant, i dont think it is sciatica at the moment as it isnt travelling down my legs. But the pain is mostly around my groin and doesnt tend to hurt while i am sitting.

Or could it be something wrong with the baby ? doctor thinks it could be that i have a tilted womb and its trying to correct itself with the baby growing, but i really dont know and am really worried as i have had a mc before and really scared it will happen again.
Sorry to go on for so long but i would really appreciate any ideas you may have :\?

Lorraine xxx


  • Hi, sorry to hear ur in pain, im not realy sure what could be but i started with SPD early on, i think i was around 13 weeks PG when it started! sorry i wasnt much help x
  • Thats ok image Im really hoping it is as that will mean the baby is ok but in other ways I am dreading it as it is the worst pain ever image I cant win really.
    Are you having physio for yours ? I didn't find it very helpful on my last baby, at the moment i cant even stand up without pain , what on earth will i be like when i have baby weight as well ?
  • hi there,just wanted 2 say it is possible that it could be spd starting,i started with the pain before even doin a bfp in my last pregnancy!! im hoping its not so bad this time xxx
  • I have been back to the doctors today as i am still in pain and he has booked me in for a scan on tuesday morning. Its going to ba a long weekend xxxx
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