raspberry leaf tablets?

hi all. just a quick question.......are any of you or have any of you taken raspberry leaf tablets and if so from what stage did you take them and did they have any effect??


  • Hi, I took them but they recommend you don't take them any earlier than 37 weeks depending on what strength you take. Always check with your midwife to get a professional opinion. Not sure whether it was as a result but my labour was very quick, think it is difficult to say what effect they have as you don't know what it would have been like if you hadn't taken them!

    Liz x
  • Hello I am taking them i started at 36 weeks two tablets three times a day. It is supposed to reduce the time in second stage of labour. Some people will say they had no effect on them but im all for trying anything im desperate not to go over my due date asi want my body back and was advised by midwie to take them.
  • I am 31 +5 and asked my midwife about them at my appointment last week, she said they are very good. I have decided to take them as the tea rather than tablets but will not start until I reach 36 weeks, may switch to the tablets if I don't like the taste but as I drink camomile tea I thought I would just switch to rl. The lady in the shop said to leave the teabag in until its cool enough to drink so it have time to infuse properly. I heard 5 friends say 4 out of 5 took rl and didnt tear but the one who didn't did tear so thats enough to encourage me to give it a go. xx
  • where can u buy rasberry leaf tea or the tablets.can u get them in tesco or do u have to go to places like holland and barratt.
    abbie and bluebump 28+4
  • thanks for the replys girls.....im def goingt o try them.
    i bought mine from a specialist herbal shop. not sure if you can get the tablets in tesco but you can buy the tea there i think.
    i was reading on internet that it is ok to take from 32 weeks but i may wait til 36weeks now as that seems to be the norm for most. x
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