What things are you liking, not liking, nauseated by???

I am craving rice, I cannot even look at red meat and I have gone off sweet things completely. Although I did just have a rolo yoghurt and it was amazing!


  • lol at the moment i'm mad on chips and ice lollys!!image
    can't think of anything i've gone off apart from coca cola cos it gives me bad indigestion!image
    carly 27+3
  • I'm another one gone off sweet foods! And I'm usually such a sweet tooth. But am totally addicted to Robinsons orange and mango squash - so much so I got a bit teary today when I ran out!

    Lully 6 weeks today xxx
  • I'm the same i can't eat red meet at all, the thoughts of it turn my stomach. i'm addicted to orange juice and crisps (i'm kinda going off them now thank god)

    15weeks today
  • Im 26+5 now and am pretty much eating normally again although I still cant drink coffee and I am hooked on chocolate!

    In the beginning I just wanted apple juice/ babybels/crisps/olives/ potato wedges/wafflles etc. Anything plain and salty really.
  • I have gone off turkey mince so not sure bout eating turkey or other mince now lol! x
  • im addicted to lucozade at the mo and cheeze beans and chocolate and sterilised milk i can drink that by the gallon lol xx
  • I'm not too bad now, still have to have a strawberry milkshake a day though lol
  • Not sure if this is a craving or just me wanting to think it is but i am loving twiglets, crispy creme doughnuts ( just drove 45 mins to get some - worth the journey and i bulk bought 12 so should have enough for today !!! image ) Pasta with tomato sauce, fruit juice and WAGAMAMA's curry! ( *thinks aloud* "must get hubby to get me curry tonight")
    I am official eating un healthy stuff and loving it!
  • I've totally gone off tea and coffee (Im a tea ADDICT!) but just the thought of it makes me feel ill! I'm eating pretty much everything in sight at the moment though...I use the excuse that I'm eating for 3 now but really I just want to eat...all the time! K 12+4 x
  • i hate tea at the min too- usually drink it all day! liking water and fizzy vimto!

    hate meat especially smell when its cooking. have passed on 2 roast dinners this week! didn't even eat chinese take away last night- hubby finally believed how sick i am feeling!
  • i went off everything but i am glad to say that i now love everything ediable exept onions? which i used to love, i do have a bit of a thing for bananas though i think i must eat about 5 a day

    chloe 29+4
  • I was craving anything bbq flavoured last week, sent hubby out at 9.30pm to get me some on Sunday night and have been dipping my finger into bbq sauce a lot!
    Seems to have calmed down this week but I still can't eat chocolate without gagging!!
  • Well my sweet tooth seems to have returned today but I am still completely off red meat! I just had tuna pasta which is normally one of my favourite things but it tasted horrible!
  • OH had taco's a few days ago, I had to make myself something different, couldn't stomach it!
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