Sex drive wanted - apply within!

Cause I seem to have lost mine! I don't ever suffer in this department, I have the most gorgeous man, has the body of some sort of god and for some reason sleeping with him is the last thing on my mind! Though the thought of it is fine but when it comes to the crunch I really can't be bothered! Bless him he is so understanding and says that if he had a huge bump he wouldn't feel up for it either and not to worry. lol plus he is worried about he's willy hitting the baby lol i keep having to tell him, 'Honey it aint THAT big'.

But on a serious note has anyone else had this? I have no Mojo except for 3am poor sod was nackered!

Please help me find it! lol


29+3 x


  • Im with ya !!
    Its gone, i never even think about it, my poor hubby lol but he understands totally.
    i think so long as u can talk about it u will both be fine.
    just think when we get back to normal it should be very goodimage
  • I cant remember what mine looks like I havent seen it for that long!! I have only just started getting mine back but I just cant be bothered when i get in bed I just want to sleep! OH has started to go off it too aswell because Im getting bigger and baby is moving around and I think hes scared of hurting us bless him!


  • My hubby had always said if i got pregnant he couldnt have sex with me so i guess im not too bothered, we just giggle about it x
  • Me. I useed to have a very high sex drive and hubby could not keep up. Now I am showing and also my back is hurting the last thing i want to do is have sex. It's funny as I also think about it a lot but when it comes to doing it i am not in the mood.

    K xx

  • I dream about sex ALL the time but never actually feel like it come the morning! We've only done it once since we conceived and I know hubby would like to - eek!

    27+6 x
  • Goonie im exactly the same. We have only had sex the once and im dreaming about it all the time.

    Lindsay 24+6
  • Thanks Linz, I will tell my hubby its not just us :lol:
  • Oh i've been having the sex dreams too!! But when it actually comes to doing it, i really just cannot be bothered. I've barely got the energy to get off the sofa to go to bed, let alone even think about strenuous excercise one i've got there!! xx
  • I'm exactly the same, i tend to dream about it alot, but can rarely be bothered when it comes to it. Doesn't help either that me and hubby have completely different sleeping patterns at the moment, so we're rarely awake in bed at the same time. I fall asleep early, and he comes to bed late, i get up early and he stays in bed till later.
  • hate to admit it but me too. (also been having the sex dreams though which is very strange...glad im not the only one) i think hubby is getting used to my rubbish sex drive, it makes me feel a bit guilty because i was sex mad when we were trying to concieve, but now im simply not interested.
  • me too ladies had no sex drive till week 19 then it hit the roof and i was mad for it (sorry tmi) then this last week its gone again image ditto with the sex dreams too been having them for ages its really weird as so many of us pg ladies are having them
    claire x
  • I too have been dreaming about it but as I have been so sick we have not done it since I conceived 3 months ago -- hubby said his balls are so big he doesn't know what to do with all his quality sperm (took him 3 years to get it quality,... thanks another story)... I wake up and tell him about my dreams but sex is a no no - he always has the shower... I'm not even sure I want sex until the baby is here, hubby is very good about it all and we have a good laugh xx
    Emma 15+1 xx
  • Oh man I feel left out that i haven't had the dream!! Was very close to some action last night but nothing lol dam!
  • blimey and me!! Since getting my BFP I have not wanted sex once, I have completly lost my mojo. Its strange as with last pregnancy I was well up for it but now the whole idea of doing 'it' really puts me off. I reassure h2b its not him but I worry he is getting annoyed now. I dont even want to be touched at all. I feel so bad but I cant help it. I have never ever had to force myself before but now and then I do to keep him happy! Im such a bad person x
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