Stress at work

Back in the summer there was an incident when there were 4 of us in the pub and one of the guys starts running on about lots of people's wages. It was pretty embarrassing and I steered the subject to mortgages or something but afterwards I was v uncomfortable and I ended up speaking with my supervisor as this person was finding out about people's wages - how, and had my info also been leaked.

This escalated, the person got in trouble and the HR lady had to explain how he knew all this info.

Since then, the HR lady did my appraisal and really concentrated on negatives, although my boss took me to one side beforehand and told me that he and the other bosses really thought I was doing a good job. It didn't affect my pay or position, but she put in my notes about how I wasn't very approachable and how I was stressed sometimes.

Today she came up to me in the open-plan office and balled me out about a meeting in someone's diary (I'm a PA) - I was shocked but tried to placate her. As she was going away, I asked her into my supervisor's office, he was there, and said I felt she'd had a go in public and I felt attacked. She stamped her foot, accused me of being on the defensive, and eventually stormed out.

I told my supervisor I couldn't cope with this stress (my BP was through the roof suddenly) and I told him I'm 10 weeks pregnant, but I hadn't wanted to tell anyone will our scan on 23rd. I need his to understand why I can't have this stress.

She came back into the room, was still not accepting that she'd been confrontational, but apologised if I'd taken it that way. I apologised in a similarly meaningless way.

I feel very concerned about this stress, especially coming from the HR manager. I'm really worried she'll try to mess up my job between now and my maternity leave. Does anyone have any advice? :\(


  • What a stupid cow! Is there ne1 above the HR manager u could speak to, or mayb ask ur supervisor to have a word or sumthin? Sorry it's not much help but hope everythni works out
  • There's only my bosses, who are the partners, but I just feel so wet going to them and saying "she's being nasty to me". What are they going to do?

    Also, they don't know I'm pregnant yet - I've just now told my supervisor, tho he's a bit useless, at least it's been said now so he should understand why I don't want this stress.

    Hopefully we'll have a good scan on 23rd and then I can tell my bosses and she can Back Off. Also, if she knows I'm going anyway, she might relax in the knowledge she doesn't have to put up with me much longer. She's really something else cos she comes across as so nice but then all this happens.
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