lack of movement

My baby has hardly been moving at all the last 3 or 4 days. I get the odd slight flicker every now and again but no kicks or punches like it has been previously.

i know its ok because I have used my doppler but Im worried.

I read online the other day that at my stage, it has a growth spurt for the next 4 weeks and im wondering whether its just sleeping more and conserving its energy??

some advice would be great


  • I had 2 or 3 days of low activity and everything was fine - but it unerved me so I spoke to the midwife and they sent me to hospital to be monitored! - best to check if your worried hun I would speak to your MW xx
  • Hi mummyagain09 i was at midwife yesterday with the same problem although i am alot further on than you, i am 36 + 5 and she told me you should feel same amount of movement from baby all the way through your pregnancy although when you get further on instead of feeling kicks and punches its more wriggles etc, they do say if at all you are concerned with babys movements you should contact your midwife asap. You should be feeling your baby move at least 10 times per day. Hope everything is ok for you and all that makes sense.


    36 + 5
  • thank you both for your help. I will try and get hold of my MW in a bit but im not sure if I will be able to as she travels around throughout the week!

    I will let you know how I get on
  • Hi hun

    I am sure everything is just fine, but yeah give your MW a little calll and see what she thinks is best to do. Have you tried the ol cold drink thing I have heard that can get babies moving.

    K XX

  • well, Ive just called my doctors surgery (this is the only contact number I have for my MW and where I visit her) and the receptionist said ''you cant speak to her as she isnt in until tomorrow'' I said that i wanted to speak to her today as it was concerning my baby and she said '' I dont have a number for her, you will just have to ring the hospital where you are due to deliver and see if they can help''

    This hospital is about 12 miles away and I dont drive. its ridiculous!

    im not sure what to do
  • phone the hospital if your still worried. my baby was really quiet last wk for about 4 days. i was 27 wks. could still feel the flutters and wriggles they were all v low down (in pubic area). def felt him move more than 10 a day so tried to stay calm. then all of a sudden he must have changed position and back to kicks and wriggles higher up. was v releieved to see my belly move agan x
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