full of cold and coughing for england

morning everyone,
does anyone have any idea's / suggestions that work regarding getting rid of a cold and cough. Last night I coughed for england, I am really cheesed off with it.
please help


  • if you look on the chat about lucasade in pregnancy the ladies on there were talking about colds and they share ideas about what can help. so have a look and talk with them, it should help.
  • I hav this too, its so horrid isn't it!! I sent my hubby off to Tesco to get me something as my throat is so sore from all the coughing and they said i can't have anything!!!! Noooo!!
    So he bought some lemons and honey and put it in a mug of hot water, i think it did the trick as it really soothed my throat. TIme for another one i think.
    Hope you feel better soon hun xxxxxx
  • It's hard enough work been pregnant but not to be able to take anything for the cold is a pain, Ive been having fresh oranges, (think I could be turning into one) will give the lemon's etc ago. thanks x
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