Sorry erinsmummy - but have I had a show too????? UPDATE!!!

Hey ladies,

Sorry erinsmunmmy - don't want to jump on your topic so to speak, but I have just logged on to ask the exact same question!!!!

I am 37 weeks gone (and so things could quite feasibly be starting to happen!) - had contraction-like pains every 5 minutes or so for an hour on Saturday night, and then yesterday morning had a browny coloured discharge - which I've not had at all during the pregnancy. It wasn't fresh blood, and since then I've been having backache type pain every ten to fifteen minutes on and off. And I've also had some more discharge today, with the odd speck of fresh blood.

I'm not so much in pain, just quite uncomfortable - baby seems to be pressing its head very far down into my lady bits (sorry if tmi!!), although the head started to engage about 3 weeks ago, so this isn't an entriely nerw sensation!! And when these backachey pains do start, I feel a bit better if I bend over/squat/generally move around.

Was just wondering whether I should ring the midwife to check if this is normal (I thought a show was just a one off thing, and wouldn't go on like this) - baby is still wrigglng as normal, I just have a husband who's getting quite twitchy!!!


Sarah x

* Have just spoken to the delivery suite at the hospital (after reading something on the net that said you should contact them if you've had a show - baby could be vulnerable to infection..) - they said that things sound to be completely normal, just got to keep an eye out for any more signs and then ring back!!! SO AM I IN EARLY LABOUR????? AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

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  • Sounds like things are moving on to me! I'd ring your midwife and see what she says image

    How exciting!!! xxx
  • Thanks, MrsT!! Have just tried to ring the midwife - but she's on answerphone! Typical!!! Have done some research on the net, and what I am experiencing seems quite normal, so that's put my mind at rest a bit!! Thank God we've been organised - and I've had a week since finishing work to get some sleep if LO is going to put in an early appearance!!!
  • Does sound like baby is getting ready to make an appearance however this could go on for another 3weeks (like it did with my friend). Keep us updated tho, and hope lo doesn't keep u waiting to long. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks! Will do!!
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