Got to go to hospital today

Really fed up today as I have to go into hospital this morning to have bloods done and to see my consultant in the day unit as my mw thinks im showing early signs of pre-eclampsia again(had in my last pregnancy). Had my 25 week check with my mw last week and bp was raised and i also had a headache so they decided to give a 24 hour bp monitor at home and check what it was like. Luckily it was only slightly up but they did bloods aswell and it showed my urates are up at .33 and the maximum they should be at the mo is .27. wish me luck as i hate the place and i can see myself being stuck in there for a good few hours.

Hayley 26+1


  • good luck hun hope everything goes fine xx
  • good luck hayley hope all goes ok. keep us posted.
    elaine xx
    32 wks
  • Good luck-hope they don't keep you there too long!!
    Let us know how it goes!
    Lydia x
  • Good luck babe!!

    Go stocked with some mags or a good book and put your feet up! Hope all goes well and you come back tonight to tell us you are fine.

    Love Lee
  • Hope you're days' going well and that your bp etc is down.

    Let us know how you're doing.

  • Thanks for the messages, apointment was at 11.30 this morning and i finally got home at 5. everything is fine apart from the urates being up at .36 now. Just got to have weekly appointments with my mw now just to keep an eye on my bp and my urine so fingers crossed no more hospital appointments until 32 weeks.
  • Glad it all went well. Will keep my fingers crossed that no more hosp appts are necessary! Take care xx

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