maxi-cosi mura

picked up our maxi-cosi mura yesterday in flamingo slice, its expensive but well worth it! we got the car seat in lilly pink and a base for the car. Am well impressed. its quite heavyer than the other frame-based pushchairs but i drive so in and out the car will be no problem. Its very sterdy and good for the taller parent coz the handle goes very high both me and my husband are quite average height, i think if i was any shorter the handles would be too high. the car chair clips onand off the frame very easyly. we got the 4 wheel version and the steering is fantastic, very light feeling and manuverable.

just thought i would let you know seeing as on all the pushchair questions i havent seen anyone mention the mura, i like it coz not many people have them but they are the same concept as the quinnys. the colours available are also very good.


chrissy- mum of 2 and 38 weeks preg :\)

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  • Hiya
    Snap, we bought a maxi-cosi maru last weekend, with the hard carrycot and car seat in grey slice.
    I love the look of it, its like the quinny range but bit more roburst.
    Im 5ft 2 and my partner is 6ft2 so the ajustable height is ideal function to have.
    We also live near to our city entre so inttend to use it alot for walking.
    Its had good reveiws. Id be interested to know how you get on with yours.
    Rachael image 27 weeks
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