Belly button piercings

Sorry if this has been posted before :roll: But my belly button piercing is starting to go weird. The gap between the holes is tiny!

I am wearing an ordinary pre-preg belly bar which fits fine, I did have a maternity one but it kept falling out and the plastic wasn't as secure as the metal so I just kept fiddling lol.

Thing is my belly button is almost completely flat now and I think it will 'pop' out when lo has another growth spurt (I'm 30+1) so what will happen to the piercing then?! Thanks xxx


  • take it out b4 doing damage or wearing the marnity one. maybe look at getting it repierced after baby. image
  • Hi Tiger Lilly, I have taken mine out just to be on the safe side. I have seen my friends belly button after she kept hers in throughout her pregnancy and personally I think it looks a mess - you can see where it has been pulled.
  • I took mine out on the day of my 20 week scan as the sonographer told me to. I never put it back in and my lo is now just over 5 months and the hole still hasn't closed up! I can still get a ring in it but haven't as my belly is far from being something nice to look at!!
  • You should either take it out or use the maternity one as the hole will stretch and it won't go back to normal after lo's birth because the skin is delicate there. I took mine out with 1st lo and the piercing is still there and looked the same as before. Now I'm pregnant again not bothered wearing a belly bar from the start.

    If it closes up, you can always get it re-pierced. xx
  • i took mine out with my first n it went back in fine after probably will get a little stretch mark in the middle part..
  • I got a preggy one a couple of weeks back coz I noticed the top hole of mine was starting to stretch and look horrible. It looked fine one day and almost overnight changed!!!!

    Would prob be best to take it out mate or get a different maternity one - I got a couple off of ebay but I know if you go to a piercing shop they can make one specifically for the size you are.

    Take care
    Love Lee

  • I took mine out for ages and the hole was still there afterwards. (which surprised me as when i had my belly button pierced years ago it took a year and a half to heal!) I did wear the plastic bars for a while but took it out cos you could see it poking through my clothes on my big round belly and it looked a bit wierd. My belly button completely poked out when i was 7 months plus and the 2 little pierced holes rose up out of the belly button... v strange! But everything is back in place now. (just about!! lol...still a bit of excess wobble left!) x x x
  • The thing is tho like Lara's post, mine would definitely close up overnight! I've only had it done a year and a half and am reluctant to take it out now. It isn't going horrible but the gaps between the holes are just getting smaller & smaller. I will probably go and look for a really long metal one at the weekend and if it starts looking any worse I will take it out....Thing is, getting it repierced sounds OK but is it just me or was it really painful??? Oh well will be nothing compared to giving birth anyway!

    Lara - no one at the scans asked me to take it out either. My midwife did mention I should change it for a matenity one soon but that was it.

    My ohs cousin kept hers in and she said she had to take it out during labour so they could put the monitors on. It still looks OK, but like mine the holes are really close together. xxx
  • If the gap bewteen the holes is getting smaller hun it means it is growing out and if you leave the small bar in it will randomly pop out one day, this happened with mine and with my eyebrow piercings I used to have.
  • I never really showed mine off, I wear a bikini on the beach but that's about it lol. I think my bikini wearing days are over now anyway seeing as I've got loads of stretchmarks!!

    After the stories on here I will definitely be changing the bar and if it looks bad I will take it out!

    They didn't freeze mine at all or numb it, I got it done at a bit of a macho 'We don't feel pain' place LOL....My boyfriend took me. He had his nipple pierced there ages ago and they didn't numb that either, apparently it hurt like hell!!
  • where would i get a maternity belly button ring ? x
  • I had my nipples peirced when I was 18 and I can honestly tell you it was the most painful thing I have ever done ever ever ever!!! The only good thing about it was the guy peircing them (who is actually my friend) told me I had nice boobs lol

  • I took my piercing out as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. I can put it in again afterwards if it hasn't closed up and if so then i will just get it pierced again.
  • I had my belly button pierced before my first and took it out when I found out I was pg after a couple of months but even now nearly 5 years on it has a horizontal scar about 1cm across and looks a bit odd....

  • I had my belly button done ages ago and took it out a long time before i fell pregnant but the bottom hole is starting to turn out as my belly button gets wider due to pregnancy - think i would have taken it out cause it would have just looked like i had a random piece of skin pierced lol x
  • Am not having any probs with my belly button but for some reason my nipple ring is really playing me up. I only had this done in October (10 days b4 found out bout lo) - has anyone else had this because if I have to take this out there is not a hope in hell I will ever ever go and have it done again - BIGGEST OUCH EVA!!!!
  • slight diversaion from above convo but could you breat feed with that if you wanted to? i mean you'd have to take it out then but would it spray funny? lol sorry i know an odd question but really just wanted to know!!?
  • Got no idea but decided quite a while ago that gonna bottle feed. Has given me a mad vision in my head tho of spraying milk everywhere lol
  • LOL! My boyfriends best mate has his, erm, thingy pierced and he has to sit down to wee to prevent getting it everywhere! I think that's a big price to pay for a piercing, I'd give anything to be able to pee standing up and not sit on dirty public toilets!!

    I have taken the belly bar out now btw and omg I'm glad I did. It looks soooo manky and looks stetched and sore. I had been wearing one of those decorative bars that covered the holes up but now it looks terrible!
  • talking of piercings, my hubby talked me into taking my tongue bar out when we had my lo because he said i had to be a "grown up" now lol and that i wouldnt look like a decent mummy with a tongue piercing (what a load of bollocks) so i did just to shut him up. i really regret it now coz i miss it, and it hurt waaaaay to much to get it done again! image *sob* xx
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