aarrggh constipation (TMI!)

hello all, i hope somebody on here can give me a few tips!

Currently 9 weeks, and have just started suffering from constipation. Not normal for me so I know it cos I'm pregnant. does anybody know of any immediate effective remedies. I know I can get stuff from pharmacy but I was wondering if there is anything I can take which I can take food/drink related where i can get effects within 24hrs. I just feel so bunged up! I want to go but it wont budge (sorry for tmi!). Its getting quite uncomfortable now. I don't want to strain as i dont want hameorroids or other problems in pregnancy which can be related.

I'm eating all bran for breakfast and I'm trying to drink more fluids. All tips/advice welcome.

Many Thanks xxx


  • My GP told me that Fybogel is safe to take during pregnancy. You can get it on prescription or over the counter. It def helps for constipation. Just double check with your GP or pharmisist that its ok for you to take too

    Hilary x
  • Iv also been suffering from constipation. Thankfully it is not all the time but its very uncomfortable and frustrating. I only took a couple of senna tablets but wasnt keen at all about taking any medications so iv just got on with it and now have the dreaded piles. I would suggest that you speak to your GP and take what they prescribe to avoid piles and any more discomfort.

  • hi, i have suffered babdly with constipation through my pregnancy. i have taken senna tablets when i have needed to, they work quite well. just need to check with your gp or pharmatist before you start taking. this was the best i found to help.
    cherri 32+4
  • Have you tried prunes and prune juice? try eating more fresh fruit and veg and liqurous (or however you spell it lol) is ment to be really good!! Good luck and hope things get moving for you soon! xxx
  • I'll second the prunes/prune juice. Works a treat and completely natural
  • Hi... had the same prob throughout pregnancy - choc raisins helped for a while (dont think they need the choc coating but made them more edible) also plenty of water... After I was put on 3 iron tabs a day nothing seemed to work so i eventually went to docs and she gave me lactulose solution which has really helped. (my sister swears by liquorice allsorts) x
  • Hi Bumpety Bump, I really sympathise - I'm now 24wks and have been suffering from this since early on.

    Tried & tested remedies I would highly reccomend -

    Lots of Water
    Stewed Apple
    Bran Flakes with Raisins
    Fresh orange juice (eg. Tropicana, not from concentrate)

    Good luck! xx


  • yum yum...maybe i should go out and buy some liquorice allsorts! Going to try and eat lots... I know prunes are meant to help but so many people have said that the taste is not very nice i have been reluctant to buy! I popped to my local pharmacy on the way home and she said she doesn't recommend anything unless told by the doctor. Would be nice for it to be sorted by w/e as have friends over!
    sorry to hear you have piles Denise, hope you get it sorted asap!
    I will have to go and down loads of water. Is it just fresh fruit....does dried help or not so much...just trying to think what I currently have in my cupboards! ....got lots of tin fruit lol!! thanks for the advice. xxx
  • I suffered from it but not badly and only in the very early weeks. I must admit I'm not as regular as I was though LOL.

    Bran flakes always make me need the loo whether I'm constipated or not so eat lots of them, and loads of fresh and dried fruit. Tinned prunes aren't too bad, and things like dates and figs are nice. If u can't face eating prunes and other fruits then make a smoothie and put a few prunes in it, fruit, all-bran, grit your teeth and swallow! Also I found out in my early teens that eating sugar free mints have a laxative effect...wouldn't recommend it haha! xxxx
  • Thanks for all your advice/tips. ?I will make sure i continue to eat my all bran and drink plenty of water. After my previous posts things budges (soory for tmi!) not quite sure what did it as I only felt like eating coffee and icecream which is what i had for lunch! xxx
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