MS starting at 12 weeks?


I hit my 12 week mark yesterday (yey!!) and have been so lucky with my pregnancy so far, hardly any symptoms, no sickness then yesterday BAM! I have been sick 3 times!!

I had my scan on Wednesday and little flump is doing great, strong heartbeat, gymnastics so how come all of a sudden it's started?

Has anyone else experienced this, I'm all confused!!




  • Welcome to the wonderful world of morning sickness!!!

    Mine went away but is back now and is worse - the joys of pregnancy - lol xx
  • From week 6-12 I had manageable morning sickness (sick once every day or other day, feeling sick every day) but just when I thought it would end, it got 10 times worse and I ended up in hospital on a drip this week!

    So sadly, I think yes, ms can start or worsen at any time. Hope yours doesn't last long xx

    p.s. It could be a tummy bug rather than ms?

  • With my first pregnancy, morning sickness started at 12 weeks (thats when I found out I was pregnant!) and then continued right until the end.

    With this pregnancy, it started at 6 weeks, went away, came back, went away and now I just have the odd day.

    weird isnt it?
  • I've had no sickness, until last night when hubby was cooking chicken - OMG it's the nearest I got the throwing up!! HA!!
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