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Where is bean? - Update - D Day tomorrow.



  • Oh sweetie i'm sorry to hear that even after all the waiting today you still dont have a definante answer !

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that it'll be good news.


    Thinking of you
  • oh sorry to hear that! but like u said there is still a chance that it could all be ok.
    il be hoping everything works out for you.xx
  • Oh you poor poor thing. I can't believe they gave you the wrong reading. That is unforgiveable.

    I really hope it all works out ok for you - you deserve this so much. Please let us know how you get on.

    Best of luck to you xxxx
  • im soooo sorry hunnie, I hope stupid doctors are wrong an baby beans all good an healthy,

    ~*'-'*~ Millions n Billions of PMA ~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~ BabyDust n Sparkles~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~????? Fingers crossed~*'-'*~

  • Thinking of you loads
    Remember, nothing is definate yet.
    Take care love. xxx
  • Thinking of you loads
    Remember, nothing is definate yet.
    Take care love. xxx
  • Thanks ladies! I still feel a bit numb - not really crying or anything - just waiting I guess!!!

    Oh and SB - you have me confused with WooMummy - she's!!!


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  • Its official, SB has gone nuts!!!!

    Mel, still thinking about you hun, havent text you as didnt want to be a pest but just to let you know that i have you very close in my thoughts. Hope you can get as good a night as possible.

    Take care sweetheart, speak soon

    lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Thanks Ladies,

    I am starting to have cramps - started last night - they come and go - I think the bledding is lighter - but there are like little threads in the blood - not clots, like threads - like cotton - really small - not sure if just dried blood.

    Think m/c is on its way. Keep trying to think of things that I think are good signs that bean might still be there - but I can't.

    Thanks for all your support.

  • Just getting ready to go for blood tests!

    Will hopefully know a bit more tonight - after they have called with the results.

  • Good luck - we're all hoping for you x
  • Turns out I won't be getting the results later - they are leaving it until tomorrow to see what the scan says.

    Basically she said - "miracles can happen" - if it's ectopic they will either give me an injection to get rid of it or if it's too big they will have to operate - I am terrified it's that! I don't want to lose a tube and I don't want to be put under.

    I have 24hrs to wait and see if they can find the bean and then remove it.

    A normal bean is looking less likely every day!

  • You poor thing - all this waiting! But you are being so brave. We're all here if you need us. x
  • Thanks hun! I'm not sure I'm being brave - I'm just numb - it's like it's not really happening - once I see that empty scan tomorrow - no bean - I'll be devastated!

    Until then it's like it's not really happening!

  • Aww hunni, I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through, it's such an agonising wait. Keeping everything crossed for you but know that we are all here for you no matter what xxx

  • Ahh, hunny! I think you are being very brave, I couldnt imagine what you must be going through, the wait is agonising !

    I had to wait for HCG tests too but luckily only 48 hours for the test and then a scan the next day.

    I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.

  • Huni

    Got everything crossed for you

  • Hi, I dont get time to come on here much but just wanted to show a bit of support too!

    I had an ectopic at 6 weeks in 2005 and had my left tube removed too. Don't panic just yet cos i've fallen pg first time of trying in 2006, 2007 and 2008 since then- it really doesnt necessarily mean you'll have any problems in the future. If the worse happes you will be fine I promise.

    Any questions just make sure you ask cos all they do at the hospital is give you a rubbish leaflet!

    Praying you get some news either way soon x
  • Oh sugar, I can't believe they are making you wait! That is so bad! And you are being terribly brave!

    Will keep you in my thoughts. I do hope it all goes well honey

    Tracey x
  • Thanks for all your lovely replies - I will be said to leave this board.

    This time tomorrow I'll know.

    We have some family over from Italy - and so we have to go to my sister-in-laws tonight for dinner - that should sort of make the night go a bit quicker.

    I have pretty much stopped bleeding so feel ok to leave the house.

    Then will come home go to bed - try to sleep and then in the morning things with come to a head and I'll find out what is happening in there.

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