signs of labour?! please help!

hi girls. im 19 and 38weeks pregnant 2day and i think i might be having signs that labour is near. this is my first child so i dont have a clue whats going on! for about 5days iv been having strong period pains, worse back ache than normal, diarrhia, im walking as if hes half way out all of a sudden and have had stabbing pains down below! hes been engaged for almost 3weeks but all these symptoms have only just started. can anyone tell me if this is a sign that hes on his way or just wishful thinking??!

thanx love charlie and boy bump xxx


  • Hi Sweetie, It could be Braxton Hicks contractions (practise contractions). Phone your midwife or one of the numbers on the front of your notes and see what they say. Have your waters broken? Let us know how you get on.
    Denise xx
  • ive been having sice 37 weeks and im due on monday. i was hopig this was the start of stuff, but ive given up hop eof it being now!! lol!! xx
  • Hi, ive been having period pain type cramps too and shooting pains down below!! Im due on Thursday. Would love to know if this is a sign that things are imminent.

    Been bouncing on my birthing ball to see if it helps things along!

  • im still getting all the same feelings image hope i dont have to cope with it for much longer. iv been jogging up and down the stairs alot and just trying to keep myself busy. nearlly collapsed the other day walkng home because of those stabbing pains down below! it really hurts. woke up in the night last night aswell with really bad stomach pains but then they went after about 10mins and havent had anything since image I HATE THIS! its not fair! has anyone else actually got somewhere yet or are your babies being stubborn aswel?? xx
  • I'm due 2moro, and been getting sharp stabby pains low down, back pain and peroid pains. All the signs and more! but no baby as of yet! Lo sometimes feels like it's pushing out, feel like waters could break any min! Hope lo isn't too late, obviously very comfy inside! xx
  • definatley sounds like braxton hicks. If u worried about ANYTHING always phone midwife or doc or even nhs direct! Especially if ur a first time mum coz ur less likely to know wot pains and feelins r because of what.

    wen i had my first i was so worried the midwives would think - worried first timer - but u no what - its always better to be safe than sorry!

    hope everything is ok with u and bump

    keep us posted of ur progress
    luv elaine xx

  • all the signs seemed to have stopped image im soo fed up! i dont kno if im going to be able to handle going overdue coz iv still got a week and 3days left til my due date but im desperate to get him out already lol! il just have to be patient i spose! has anyone tried something to get their babies out and it worked?? very fed up charlie and boy bump xxx
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