Due today and still no baby :( !!!!

Hey all, :cry:

I was ment to be due today a beautiful baby boy but he has decided to stay put image i think i knew deep down he wouldnt come today but i was just wondering what happens now then?? I have a midwife appointment on Friday at my clinic (incase he decided not to come which he hasnt!!) was wondering what happens if i dont go into labour by myself???? Im so uncomfy at the minuite only had back ache and period pain so im just fed up of the waiting now and wondering whats gonna happen??? Any advice?????



  • cheer up he will be here soon.at the hospital they might offer you a membrane sweep to get you started or give you a date for induction .

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi,

    I'm due tomorrow and no signs of baby making an apperance. Mw told me she thinks i will have to be induced on the bloody 11th nov, thats ages away, i just want to hold my baby xxxx
  • i had 2 wait 2 weeks after edd, 2 be induced, with my 1st.. longest 2 weeks of my life!
  • I'm also due tomorrow. Come on little girl!

    I saw my midwife yesterday, and I managed to convince her to do a sweep on Monday and she said she will book my induction at the same time. God, I hope it doesn't come to that. I was booked for a sweep with my first baby, but he came a couple of days before fortunately. Hopefully madam here will do me the same honour!

    Good luck girlies with your impending births - just hope I get in there before you all!!! I'm soooo uncomfortable now that I just want this whole thing over so I can see my beautiful baby girl.


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