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  • Hi Sarah, really pleased that you got everything sorted out in your head and as you say you have to think about what is best for you and lo. I am sure Jason will be upset but hopefully he will do as he says and still have a good relationship with lo. I hope when you go back though you will be getting on the net more so you can keep us all up to date, lol! Good luck and I hope everything works out for you in Ireland! Tammi xxxx
    29.2 weeks
  • thanks tammi. yup i will be online more i got the broadband ppl comin the day after i get back!
  • hope everything works out for you. it will be great having your family around you xxxxxx
  • hi huni-i wish you the best of luck-I am newly pregnant(5wks and few days)..and originally from Ireland-all my family are back there and want to go back myself...just dont know if its too much upheaval-also would be starting all over again-scary!! You are so brave making such a big decision, but I have no doubt that things will work out great for you and your lo-best of luck hun xx
  • Hey, i dont know your story but i think your being very brave and i hope you will be very happy back in your home country. XX
  • does any1 know how oldermum is? ive been dying to get back on here as she was so supportive when i ws having trouble earlier on. if you read this oldermum 'HI!' hope everything well!

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  • hi zoey, nice to hear from you. hope you well and lo 2 obviously.x

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  • im just starting to see little movements on the skin of my bump now. i think he could sense my dads hands on my bump an was trying to say 'hi grandad' but my dad definitly felt it. it was the first time anyone has, so obviously he is like the proudest grandad in the world apparently as it kicked just for him. i didnt mention the twenty kick i get a day inside, didnt wanna spoil his fun.
  • Hey babe!!

    I been looking out for you! I saw the other day that you were coming back and put a FAO posting on here for you today! Been worried bout you babe but it sounds like you have really cleared your head!

    It sounds like you didnt take this decision lightly and if you know you can build a good life for you and little Kieran (or has it changed) and you have a lot of support, family etc without the stress you have over here then who can argue with you?

    From what you said before J is a good dad to little Demi so there is no reason for him not to be there for you too babe! Cant you get flights to/from Ireland for pennies these days - am sure he would come over to register the birth with you!

    So you are going back on Friday? Internet on Saturday? Dont stay away long babe - I do have a tendency to worry you know

  • hey sarah,,,
    im so sorry that things anit working out for you here but i think your doing the right thing,, you need your family an a support network i hope he will stand by you though,,,
    please stay in touch as we used to chat a fair bit here and id love to stay in touch with you x x

  • Just shoving this up so S-J can find it easier if she comes back on l8a!!!

    Dont want her to think shes been 4gotton!
  • Just shoving this up so S-J can find it easier if she comes back on l8a!!!

    Dont want her to think shes been 4gotton!
  • hi babe i used to read yourposts and really feelfor you. We only really heard your oh bad side and im sure hehas really good qualities, but i used to think you deserve better. not that i know you but nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially when they arepregnant. So well done you for being so brave and putting your babys happiness before your own. My baby is 6 weeks old and it has been the biggest shock of my life. you need the support of your partner 100% but also your family too. i ended up having an emergency c section and there is no way i could of coped without the help from my oh and my mum and dad. It breaks your heart when you love somebody so much but sometimes it is more the thought of being on your own. you will allways share a special bond with him as he has fathererd your child, but maybee you will be bettert o stay friends . What did jasonsay when you told him, this will hurt but im sure if he wantedyou as much as you want himthen he wouldfightfor you to stay. Tosay that he would put Demi first is probably what he thinks now. i have often said when looking at my little girl how i cant imagine loving another baby as much as i do this one, but every one assures me you do there is enough love to go around,so he will probably think different when your lo is born. Good luck for friday anyway be brave and try not to get to upset you need to look after yourself and your baby xx
  • I just wanted to wish you all the best for your new life in Ireland. It sounds like you're doing the best thing for you and bump. All the best xxxx
  • hi every1. thanks for all your support. and OLDERMUM HI!!!!
    was thinking so hard on my holidays and i did come back even though i had made my decision, i just wanted to see, well be here on last time, and when i did i realised it would be better for me in ireland. Telling j was hard, but it was actually harder telling his dad and other family, they are so close to me. but its done now, and yesterday was really good once we got all the tears and everything ou of the way. Jason even cryed and said things i never thought i would hear him say, i think its finally hit him, that i love him, but i dont want my child being second best and i want the very best i gave give for him. He has made things really good yesterday, he said all the right things and told me verythin will be fine. He will come over as soon as i call to sa the contractions have started etc, and has promised his name will be on the cert no matter what it takes. he knows how important it is to me that my baby doesnt have a blank spot beside father;...................... he said because he is getting his paternity leave he will come over and stay the two weeks. i have a three bedroom so thats not a problem. my mum and dad are just at fishguard now, they texted a few min ago, so they should be here in london by 5. god its so real al of a sudden. im excited, but a little sad too. im sure things will work out.
  • Babe,

    You have made such a tough, brave, decision that is so obviously right for you and little Kieran (?). I am soooo proud of you!

    I had a feeling J would do the right thing - he always has with Demi so thought he would for you. Flights are cheap enough now between Ireland and here arent they! As you say you will have such better support around you and you will be able to have a better life in general. You know you have made the right decision for you both.

    Stay on here wont you!!! I wanna keep in touch with how you are doing and obviously to let you know the gory details of having Tommy in 10 wks lol

    Take care, Love Lee
  • Wow oh god every one is due so soon now! time has really flown by. lol im going to have my little Ciaran (pronounced Kieran - only irish spelling) in 13weeks, if he comes exactly on time. it sounds so weird. i know i missed the first three months as i didnt know, but i feel like i been pregnant for years, and now its going too fast! i guess its coz so much has happened. lol my bump has just popped out of nowhere now, everyday i can see a difference! like you said ive only ever told you about jason's bad sides, and yeah your right he has got many good sides, just like every man. he booked a flight for two weeks around my due date, and he has checked he can change them incase of emergency, so thats made me cheer up so much. he even said he would never find a women like me again, thats why he knows that he was a dickhead, and he actually understands why i want to go now, i deserve to have my family around me, but that he will always consider me his girl, and said when he gets back he will book me tickets to come over on holiday when i feel ready to travel or he wll come back. He even came in today from work and said he had found our song. we never had a song,and he came in and asked me to find out what it was called, so needless to say i had to listen to him for about a hour singing this once chouros over and over again. so im glad ill be leaving with happy memories!
  • Its good for you how amicable it is between you and J (whats the song????) also its good news for Ciaran that he has his parents getting along. It would be awful if you were arguing the way you were in front of him - at least he gets to see you having a good relationship as he gets older.

    Have you got much left to organise over here or are you ready to go? Are your mum and dad over to help you move? How come you are over here if you have a 3 bed house in Ireland (sorry if thats too nosy)! Imagine how quick it can go now getting a little nursery ready for Ciaran - have you got much left to get, I know I have lol

    Love Lee
  • Good luck for your move on Friday - don't know your story, but it sounds like you've made a really hard decision based on what's best for your little lad, so good on you for that.

    Re the birth cert - not sure how it works in Ireland, but if you're not married dad would def need to be there to fill in father's details on cert. You've got 6 weeks to register though, so would he be able to get over in that time?


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