One of my friends told me I should not be eating this so early on in my pregnancy but I thought it was fine and good for me??

Can I not eat it???

K xx


  • Just read it can bring on labour -so not advisable in early pregnancy!
  • Hi Hun, i put a post onthe other day about this.. Some people eat it to bring on labour but you have to eat ALOT of it. Il find my post and bump it up for you xx
  • Yeah but i thought that was for later on near the end and not at the start?

    K xx
  • hi, i've eaten pinapple all the way threw. it is really good for you and you need like a whole box full to yourself to help encorage labour. i've never heard anyone be warned not to eat it and i read anything i can get my hands on with the words baby, pregnancy etc in the title. can't see it would cause a problem. xx
  • Wicked will be eating some right now yum yum

    k XX
  • Hi, it's defintiely safe hon. They've done research into it, and in order for it to release enough of the enzymes required to bring on labour you'd need to eat at least 7 fresh ones in a sitting, so I'm sure a snack won't hurt!
    16+3 xxx
  • Oh rubbish! I really craved pineapple during early pregnancy and have just started fancying it again! Not so much to eat 7 whole ones however! Thanks for clearing that one up ladies! Is maybe a tip to keep handy for later on if we get overdue and fed up though! :lol:

  • its perfectly safe, the only way in which it can induce labour is where u eat so much of it (like with any fruit) for a prolonged period of time that it wld iritate ur bowells and possibly disturb ur womb and cause ur hormones to just tip over the edge, which wld only happen if u were on the brink of labour anyway, much like curry.

  • I won't eat it and I know I'm stupid but there we go...

    I miscarried 3 days after eating a lot of pineapple (a full tub from M&S) and got it into my head the pineapple was to blame.

    Of course I know it wasn't, baby wasn't meant to be, but I am too scared to even contemplate eating it.

    Joo xxx
    26w today!
  • OMG really??? I just had huge a tub and now i am all freaked out. I know it is most likely fine but .........

    K xx
  • It IS fine and I probably shouldn't have posted!
    Pineapple didn't cause my MC, I know that in my heart, but when it was happening, I was blaming everything I had done for it.
  • Don't feel bad for posting babe, I am glad you did though I am all worried now.

    God I need to just relax I think and enjoy this time.
    K xx
  • K-Lou-from what I've read it has to be completely fresh anyway as the minute the fruit's cut the enzymes start breaking down rapidly, so you'd have to literally be cutting the fruit up as you go and eating it, a tub of pineapple won't hurt.
    Joo-I know exactly where you're coming from though! With my first m/c, I was terrified it was something I'd done even though I know it just wasn't meant to be, so much so that I've avoided doing all of the things that stick out in my mind as having done before the m/c in case there's some kind of poattern, which I know is ridiculous!
    Carly 16+2 xxx
  • Hiya

    When I was in hospital (with hyperemesis), I fancied fruit one day and the nurses said that pineapple was the best thing for me - it was the only thing I could keep down and it tasted AMAZING!! I still eat loads of it now and I'm 30 weeks.

    Enjoy it and don't worry - just don't eat 7 of them!

    C xx
  • Carly - so glad it's not just me!
    It was lots of things - we also had sex two days before so I told hubby no sex until after 12 weeks!
    Which luckily enough, he was fine with, it freaks him out doing it with baby Angus there!!!
    It was shopping I carried too and stretching to turn off a light once.
    Poor little bean, we do think about him loads xxx
  • I'm the same sweet-sex was off the list as was carrying things, though with Rhys that's not possible this time so I've just been taking it carefully! Stretching is another thing I avoid as much as I can. I think alot about my baby too, but having Rhys makes it alot easier-like it was meant to be that we have this gorgeous little boy and someone realised that so took the other away, as strange as that sounds. I do still shed a tear about it every now and again, but I think people think when you're pregnant again you should just forget about the angel, which doesn't happen!
    So sorry-went off on a bit of a tangent there! xx
  • A can of fridge cold pineapple... Yum Yum!! I ate loads in early pregnancy too. I am now 31+6. xx
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