when did all get bump

im 14 weeks this fri and when lie dosnt look like ive got a bump worry me some times ive seen my baby on 12 week scan now can wait yill gp mw so her heart wished never worry so much


  • I didnt get bump till about 18 weeks or so, up until then I was still happily wearing my size 8 trousers!!! xx
  • hi i got my bump around 25 weeks, i was like u just wanted to start showing my bump early, but it didn't happen, im now 34 weeks and my bump is still not as big as many women i have seen? ever1 is different. don't worry!
  • hi, with my daughter i didn't get an obvious bump until i was about 26 weeks and had a tiny bump all the way through. With this one i didn'tstart showing until i was about 18 weeks, i am now 25 weeks and my bump is small-people can't believe i am as far gone as i am but at least they can tell i am pregnant even if i only look 12 weeks gone! :lol:
    Everyone is different, some women get their bumps really early on but also some don't show until they much further along-it just depends it doesn't mean anything is wrong if your not showing yet but i know you can't help but worry about it.



  • I started to get big as soon as I knew, the week after my jeans were soooo tight! I am 17 weeks and look more like 30 weeks so its swings and round abouts! I wouldn't worry at all hun, everyone is totally different. A friend of mine didn't show at all during pregnancy, so much so that she had no idea she was pregnant until 30 weeks! I think it all depends on your shape and size. I'm sure you will get one soon, until then, enjoy fitting into your normal cloths and not having to spend lots on new ones!

  • With my first I didnt show until about 20 weeks, she's now 4. With Theo who is 3 months I showed alot earlier, you could tell I was pregnant by 12 weeks. With this one I'm only 7 weeks but look about 20! Probably left over bump from Theo!
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