ordered my furniture!

hi girlies

hope you and your bumps are well! :\)

iv just ordered my nursery furniture!!! image its the murano set from mamas and papas, we ordered it from the glasgow pram centre, has anyone used them??

not a bad deal, its??500 in M&P, we got it for ??429 with matress included!

oooh its all getting a bit real now image



  • hi yes, we looked at that it's very nice - your nursery will look lovely what bedding are you getting?
    We used these people about a year ago to get a mamas and papas rocking horse - no complaints.

    e.d.d 4th july
  • oh thats reasuring, having probs with my card!

    we are having millie and boris from mamas and papas, it so cute.

    love your pic!

  • Is that a neutral one - are you having a surprise at birth?

    We got some 2nd hand cream furniture in the end off of ebay and it's nice and green/pink mouse bedding from vertbaudet - and slotti candy changer - exciting getting it all re
    ready isn't it.

    Thanks re: piccy took ages as she was in the wrong position but finally got to see her cheeky face. LOL


  • We are having ours delivered tomorrow!! It's so exciting I've got a heap of baby clothes from friends and nowhere to put them!! We got ours from IKEA -bought from them before and its such good quality at a good price. Also gotta set the baby's crib up tomorrow and her room will look fab by the end of the week!! Yay x


  • yeh its beige, lovely though.

    we know we are having a girl but dont want to go too over the top on the pink in the nursery, done that on the clothes!! LOL.

    we had a 4d done at 27 weeks, and her cord was over her face for ages but we got some good pics, well worth it i thought


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