CBD? OV test? or LMP?

Ummmm I dont know which one is more acurate? I am going but my CBD indictor which i guess is the only one which has any testing.........

CBD makes me 6+5
Ov date makes me 6+3
LMP date makes me 6+4

haha not exactly far out................but what did you find was most acurate?

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  • I use my ov date which makes me 9+3 today.

    But hospital and gp said they use LMP unless scan shows you are more than 5 days out. My LMP makes me 10 weeks but I don't use that as I KNOW I'm not!!
    My sis did the same and when hospital were saying she was overdue she knew she wasn't really from her ov date!

    I don't think CDB is that accurate to the day hun as it depends how early your egg implanted and started releasing hcg, how quickly it goes up, how strong your pee was when you tested etc.

  • Hi ladies!! GP and hospital always go by your LMP until you have your first scan, and then they will change your dates if you are more than a week out. I know its annoying, especially as you know when you ov'd, but the hospitals know this too, so really if you want to go by your ov date, assuming you have a 14 day LP, then count 38 weeks from this time rather than 40. Does this make sense? i know its very weird, but reaearch has shown that LMP is the most accurate way of dating a pregnancy. My mum did explain it all to me (she's a student midwife) but she blinded me with science a little bit! I hope this helps anyway xx
  • Oh, and forgot to add, i argued the toss over this with my doctor with my first baby, he told me i was 4 weeks pg i insisted i was 2, and he sent me for an early scan, by his dates i'd be 5+5, by mine 3+5, lo and behold at the scan they dated me 5+5! So there must be some method in their madness. So with babies 2 and 3 i've just gone with my LMP, and they've been spot on both times! xx
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