Is everything too expensive?? some advice you might not know

Hi Ladies,

I am in a bit of a pickle with the baby as at this time of year money is tight adn I am finidng it hard at the minute to buy xmas pressies for the kids and think about getting all the stuff needed for baby, like prams.... I was gonna wait til January and hit the January sales, but thinking that it may be busy and lots of people bumping around so the other day I went to a second hand nursery shop and saw the 2 prams I really wanted and couldnt decided bewteen the 2, so said I would go back next week decide and put down a deposit... when I told my mum she said she thought mothercare did the same so I phoned them... yes they do and so do some other places....

mothercare - said most of their nursery stuff is available on the nursery scheme or whatever it was called... worth checking the items you need are available on the scheme before you enter into anything..u make a 10% deposit on the goods that you want and they give you a card and you can go and make payments on the items u dont have to take any info in about yourself, (well thats what they told me anyways).. however much you can afford... you have to pay over a min of 6 weeks and a max of 6 months... once the items have been paid for you can choose delivery dates for your items to be delivered to you direct from the warehouse.....

babies r us - they are lsightly different.... you apply for an account, easy buy, you have to take 2 forms of id in with you, one being passport or drivers licence and another a utility bill.. whoever is applying for the account also has to be in employmetn of at least 16 hours a week... they do a credit check on you and if you pass you can go and purchase stuff that day... you can purchase on a 6 month interest free credit... if there is anything else you want after this day you have to wait for your card to come through, all you do is pay a ??20 deposit, i think they take dd payments from your account as you have to give account details aswell..

my mum also said that mamas and papas also do this but havent spoken to them about their schemes...

hope this info may help someone as I will def be going to take someone up on this offer

thanks for listening Lisa

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  • I was really lucky with my first pregnancy because I dint need to buy anything, we got all our stuff from family members who each picked an item eg cot, pram and then they bought it for us...very very lucky. But I also love looking around "dress agencies" (second hand nursary shops) who sell top quality accessories and clothes they are great. Kerry xxxxx
  • That sounds fab tiger feet, thank you!
    Wish I knew about that earlier in my pregnancy!
    Ooh i'm gonna look on mothercares website nwo! I love their stuff xxxxxx
  • Hi Lisa

    Thanks for sharing that really helpful information. John Lewis also used to do a similar thing but I'm not sure if they still do it. I will def be getting down to Mothercare.

    Thanks again xxx
  • you are all welcome.... I just thought well this would really help me and this is what this site is for..sharing stuff so thought that if it helps its worth posting....
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