Sorry hip pain again!!


I am looking for some advice i have been getting hip / back pain for the past couple of weeks now, been reffered to a physio and given exercises and a support belt,

Over the weekend however the pain has got much worse and now i am struggling to walk or move my legs apart, i am reluctant to take painkillers due to previous history (2 m/c's).

i have rang my physio today but unfortunately she is on leave all week.

My question is whaen do i do next the receptionist told me to go to my GP or Midwife but can they do anything??

Sorry rant over

25 + 1


  • Sounds like SPD but as far as I'm aware they will be reluctant to prescribe painkillers anyway. I'd go to your gp anyway and get checked out. Hope you feel better soon.
  • Hi Cazz
    I've had SPD since 15 wks and it has got steadily worse, I am now 32 wks. I'm sorry to say but it sounds like SPD - mine started off with my lower back and hips and just got worse. Much as I would say yes def go back to physio, she won't be able to do much else other than give you crutches. Take them if offered, they do help and I became dependant on them in a short space of time.
    My Dr gave me stronger painkillers - 2 types. Paracetemol and codiene 8/500 (you take 2) for during the day and 30/500 (again take 2) for at night when I go to bed, as this is the worst time, trying to sleep/turn/get up to loo etc....

    There are loads of posts about SPD and using crutches etc - just last week they were on again, look them up and you will find really useful. Also look up, its got loads of great advice.
    Hopefully you will not get much worse, but if you do, its good to have some knowledge and prepare yourself.
    Best advice I can give is rest as much as poss - take help from people when offered and shop early so you get what you want! I've been off work for the last 9 weeks and got 8 to go till Bday....

    Really hope this helps and that you don't get too bad.

  • hey i boosted up my post on spd you might find it usefull as its helped a lot of girls and we try to keep it bumped up plus good advice and tips ! x
    hope it helps x

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