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Baby number 2+...How many of us here???

Hi girls, well after having the most shocking 2 weeks of my life it has finally sunk in I am 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and would love the support of those going thru the same as I have a very small support network here...

I'm Katie and I have Mason James who is only 7 months old.
I also have a 5 year old step son Sam who is in our custody full time and is very very hypo 24/7!!!

I am very lucky and blessed to be carrying this child esp as only found out at 12 weeks so didn't have to do the whole worrying thing but am worried about coping etc........

Hope to hear fro some lovely ladies soon.....x x x x x


  • hi hun,im pregnant with baby number 3 and as you know i have holly 3 1/2 and grace 8 1/2 mths.Im just over 8 weeks pregnant so can relate with you,im here if u ever need to chat! xxx
  • Hi I am on number 4!! I must be mad lol. I have only 4 weeks left and truly it has only sunk in about a month ago!!

    I have two boys and a girl already and have been told this is another girl so am v. excited- my youngest is just turned 1 so I know what you mean about feeling apprehensive- hopefully I will be on here in a few weeks reassuring you!!
  • Heya hun image im kim and im pg with no 3 image Already have 2 los who are 4 and 5 image This is boy no 3 for us, im 30wks pg, would be nice to chat to some other 2/3rd time mummys...not sure about anyone else, but am finding it alot harder this time round, am shattered!!! xxxx
  • Hello Love!!

    There is ME!! I'm also completely in shock! :lol: I have Charlie who is 6 months, but I did a clear blue indicator today am am at leasy 5 weeks pregnant, which would have made him 5 months or younger and he will only just be over a year when I have this one! *head spinning... but in a good way!* :lol: can't wait for my dating scan!

    & how are we meant to keep up with TWO forums! image xx
  • I'm Anne-Marie I have a little girl, she's 21 months and I'm 14 weeks pregnant with baby number 2.

    I know its going to be hard work but I really looking forward to it.

  • Hey there, i have a little girl Grace who is 14 months and i am nearly 8 weeks with our second. I'm kinda scared as to how i will cope and how it will change my relationship with my 1st born. Always here to chat though or you can email me privately Katie image xx
  • Hiya, My son was 6 months when we conceived baby number 2 which will make him 15 months when this little one is born. We planned the small gap but were still quite shocked as we got pregnant month 1 of trying (it took 6 with our first)!!!
    Congratulations, and don't panic! you still have 6 months to prepare for a new arrival (and still have lots of new baby stuff from your 7 month old - bargain!)
    Lots of love
    Hannah xxx

  • Awwww yay, Thankyou lovely lovely ladies for making me feel normal and certainly not alone!!!
    Huuuuge Congratulations to you all and lets hope we can all stay in touch....

    Not Long for KThom122 and Kim (woo mummy)...heres sending you lots of painless easy labour vibes.....

    I don't think I will have a problem with the sleep deprivation this time around as Mason still dosn't sleep thru as he is teething at the mo so just using it as practice for newborn, lol....
    Hannah I will have practically the same age gap as you so will be tugging your arm for words of wisdom if you get 5 mins to yourself one your little joshua arrives, lol!!!
    Lots of Love
    Katie.x x x x
  • Hi! I'm Kayleigh and i'm 13+3 with numbers 3 + 4! I already have a dd Amy who's 6 and a ds Ollie 2 1/2. Bit worried how I'll cope with 4,esp newborn twins but I'm sure it will be ok!

  • Ooh me, me!!! I'm expecting 3, a girl (so we're told!) due on 17th of May. Have two boys aged 6 and 3, so spaced them pretty well i think! Still having the odd panic about how i'm going to cope, but all we can do is keeping telling ourselves (and each other) that it'll be a breeze! Is anybody planning to do it differently this time around? I'm going to be "wearing" this baby an awful lot, firstly to keep her safe from my 3 year old who is autistic and very boisterous, secondly to try to establish breastfeeding as its not gone so well for me in the past, and thirdly to burn those calories!! What are you all planning this time round, same as last baby/s or something different? xxx
  • Hi im 17 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I already have a little boy who will be 3 in May

    Look forward to getting to know you all and congrats to everyone xx
  • HI girls I am Tammi and I am about 7 weeks pregnant with no 2!!! Alrady have Ashton who is 7 months old!
    We always planned to have them close together so really excited, although a little worried about coping but I am sure we will all be fine. Think my biggest worry is that I won't be able to spend the time with the new baby as I do with Ashton. Hope everyone has a happy & healthy nine months!!!
  • wow its nice to see a few familiar faces back on here!! in response to lynz i dnt plan to do anything different this time round i dnt think i just hope i can get a good routine going with bedtimes etc like i have with holly and grace.I am a bit nervous as to how i will cope in the early days with demand feeding and growth spurts whilst having two others that need me.My hubbie is in the army so im on my own all week and some weekends so theres only me to put them to bed etc and i remember grace cluster feeding in the evenings in the early days so i find that quite daunting! xxx
  • Hi all, i am on number 2! I almost 35 weeks and will be induced at 36 as i have cholastasis again! My dd is nearlly 2 1/2. Although i am happy with the age gap i am also a little worried about how my little girl will react as she is very much a mummys girl and may not like the idea of having to share me! I'm sure she'll get used to it though.
    Its nice to see so many 2nd, 3rd and so on time mums.

  • Oh wow Hollysmum+bump, so you will have your work cut out! This is the reason i'm buying the sling. I was hoping that during the evening when bub is feeding more i can pop her in there and latch her on and get on with the bedtime routine! I was hoping to get this one into the same routine as quickly as possible, but i think i'm just going to go along with whatever she wants to do, at least in the beginning, just to try to keep things as calm as possible indoors!
  • hi i've got a 15month old daughter and im 33+4 with number 2 cant wait its going to be hard work but worth it image hope everyone is ok take care
  • hi. I've got a 16 month old boy called George and am 33+4 with number two. It will definitely be hard work, George is here there and everywhere at the moment so I'm quite tired, but equally as excited! Good luck to everyone, Emma x
  • Hi

    I am the same, I have 15 month old Emilia who is very hectic and wearing me out and I am due Monday with little lady no. 2.

    Hope it goes well for everyone (glad I am not the only 'mad' one).
  • Im here as you know!! Got Evan who is 7 months, 13 weeks with no.2 and like you Katie Evan is nowhere near sleeping through so shouldnt be to much of a shock to the system lol
  • Hollysmum my hubbie is in the forces also, so am on my own alot 2.....hoping he gets 2wks off tho when bubs arrives - really wana get bf established b4 i have to do the school run on my own!!!!

    Ahhh thanx katie - im not sure what to expect this time round - 1st labour lasted 2hrs 2nd hoping they dont keep getting longer! xxx
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