• Got caught with my 1st whilst i was on the pill, so didnt know I was even pg till 4mths gone! Was still takin pill n drinking (tho never been a big drinker really). Thankfully lo was fine (stopped as soon as I found out to try and make it up :lolimage

    The other 2 were planned, (16yr age gap and new partner :lolimage, so avoided alcohol for 1st trimester, then had the odd small wine or half a lager-shandy now and then.

    I think as long as you dont go mad, a little bit of what u fancy does u good!! :lol: ;\)
  • Hi Girls, i have had half a champagne glass of sparkling white wine after our 20 week scan and found out we are expecting a girl. So i wanted to celebrate. I only drank half of it and gave the rest to hubby. Ive also had the odd sip of his beer now and again. I may have a glass of bubbly at Xmas or New Year but will see how i feel. I didnt touch alcohol at all up until my 20 week scan as didnt want to risk it in those first cruical weeks (apart from before i found out i was pregnant but had cut down as was ttc).

    Alcohol free Becks is great - nicest alcohol free lager ive tasted. Found a nice sparking wine from ASDA (called something like Muscat?) which was drinkable but ive found the alco-free wines not that good to be honest.

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