Pelvic floor...

... I just did a pregnancy yoga DVD for the first time, and it has a section that focuses on pelvic floor exercises. I did the exercises, which I'm usually too lazy to do, and they bought on mildish cramps in my lower abdomen. Is this normal?!


  • Hi,

    I did a few this morning as the midwife said if there is one thing you HAVE to do in pregnancy it's the pelvic floor exercises so there I was having a good old squeeze but after doing a few my tummy felt really painful and I did not feel good so stopped. I'm not sure if it's because I'm quite constipated (sorry) and it just made things worse as when your bowels are all blocked all your abdomin can be agony.

    So sorry I don't know if it's normal I assume any pain like that is not really good so I will try again gradually and see.

  • My physio who i'm seeing for pelvic pain asked me to do them, and then she felt for the movement round by my hip (werid!) anyway she told me I was doing them too hard and that it only needs to be the smallest of movements.

    For anybody who isn't sure about how to do them, It should be like holding in wind (in back passage) holding on to a tampon! (nice!) and stopping yourself from having a wee.

    She then said, hold for as long as you can before it becomes uncomfortable (aim for count of ten) then repeat this for as many times as you can until you become tired. (Again aim for 10 but start off at a level you are comfortable with)

    After this, rest and then do as many fast contractions as you can (a quick up and down) and let go straight away.

    So your exercise routine could look like, holding for 10 seconds 10 times, and then 10 fast. This should then be done three times a day!

    Im 36 weeks and i wish i had learnt this stuff earlier, as i am really suffering from SPD

    Good Luck Girls x

  • Oh Gem, sorry to read you are suffering from SPD :cry: Im feeling the onset of it too now.

    Absolutely crack on with the pelvic floor exercises girls, I was always "too busy" with my first and it seriously took nearly 5 months before I could sneeze without wetting myself :x

    Thanks for the reminder too... I always read these posts are start doing them!!
  • Thanks Gem for the advice on how to do them properly, I have been putting them off but really must start getting them done!

    B xx
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