Decaf Coffee....

I am the sort of person - who can't get out of bed without a coffee in my hand... not instant... fresh.. ground... delicous ... hot ... coffee... okay just driving myself mad.... with the thought of it...!! I know that decaf is no subsitute for the real stuff.. but I am wondering if it is safe to have during pregnancy..??

Anyone else addicted like me..!!



  • i have instant decaff BUT I also prefer fresh ground stuff, I have one in the morning, it's well below the reconemded amount of caffine so it won't hurt, although too much might, with my first I was drinking loads of starbucks and she was only 6lb, hardly touched the stuff with no.2 and he was 8lb 6, could be conincidence but I would stay to the limit to be on the safe side!
  • It's fine to have 3 or 4 cups of ground coffee a day, but that's your caffeine limit! I think with instant, it is more like 6 cups, same with tea. And you can have as much decaff as you like! I'm lucky as I've never been a hot drinks person. I like the odd cup of tea but that's it...xxxx

  • I'm the same - initially went of it but didn't last long.
    I'm using fresh ground decaff from a nice little deli- tastes lovely and still wakes me up - psychological component intact even with caffeine missing.
  • I was on decaf but was recommended that I have two normal cups of coffee a day if I had to cos with decaf it is stripped of cafeine using chemicals!

    I have to say I drink more tea than coffee anyway, but I stick to decaf as I get headaches if I drink proper coffee.
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