Really scared and worried

Hi, was just wondering if anyone could offer me some reassurance.
I only found out about pregnancy about a week ago and then on Friday I started bleeding just a little bit. I really noticed this when I wiped after being at the toilet. I have been to see my GP who examined me and said that my cervix is closed but to be on the safe side I have to call the early pregnancy unit at my local hospital on Monday to arrange a scan. Since friday I have had a bit of creamy brown discharge and last night when I went in the bath I saw a bit more red blood. I haven't really had any pain, just a bit like period cramps.
I am so scared and worried abut going for scan as I will have to go without my oh, who works away from home. It is 6 weeks today since my last period, so does that make me 6 weeks pregnant? I'm so confused by this, I know the exact date that I ovulated this month which was cd 17 (31st October) so am I infact less than 4 weeks pregnant? I am worried that when I go for scan it may be too early to even see a heart beat and then I will have an even longer agonising wait to find out if everything is okay.
I really hope that this makes sense, I seem to be panicing about everything. It has been the longest weekend ever. xxx


  • hi i know alot woman bleed early in pregnancy, espically around time af due. try not to worry too much, i know easier said than done.
    your pregnancy is dated from the first day of last af so you will be 6 wks now, they should be able to see something now and if not they will ask you back in a week or so.

    i hope all goes well for you.
    love becs xx
  • Hi,

    Try not to panic the fact that your cervix is still closed is a good sign. You will see from looking at Becandbumps post that lots of us experienced bleeding during early pregnancy and have all gone on to have healthy pregnancies.
    They work out your dates from the first day of your last period, so if that is 6 weeks ago you will be roughly 6 weeks pregnant. They say the heart starts beating at around 6 weeks so it may be a little early to detect this on the scan but if it is they will just call you back in a week or so.

    Period type cramps are also very normal in early pregnancy as the uterus is stretching so don't worry about that unless they get really severe or down one side.

    Make sure when you have a bath that you aren't having a really hot bath (i.e. your skin shouldn't be pink when you get out!) as this raises your body temperature and isn't good for the baby.

    Take it easy today, put your feet up and I would put a pad on so you can see how much blood there is and keep a better eye on it.

    Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow.

    Liz xx
  • Hiya - I had brownish bleeding around the time my second period was due (about 8.5 weeks) and went for a scan. Apparently this is very common - you can get bleeding from when the egg implants itself but in my case, they couldn't find an explanation. I guess the point is, it doesn't necessarily mean bad news. Your hospital should have a walk-in early pregnancy unit for scanning... I would go straight there on Monday.

    Good luck and try to stay calm xx
  • Thanks girls, just wish I could get tomorrow out of the way and find out when the scan is going to be, really hoping that i don't have to wait until the end of the week. I have just read Becs post and there is lots of useful advice there too. Visiting the in laws today and we were planning on telling them our exciting news however I'm not sure what to do now. Don't want to tell them and then have to explain about complications but if we don't explain to them about whats been happening then they may wonder why I don't really feel like celebrating! OH says it's okay if we decide not to say anything but I know he is desperate to share the news with them as we told my mum and dad last weekend!
    Anyway thanks for all your advice. xxx
  • Hi Shrewpin, I too had bleeding at 6 weeks and had an early scan....all was fine saw the heartbeat. They said it was implantation bleeding, hope that's all it is for you. Good luck for tomorrow will keep my fingers crossed. xxxx
  • Hi,

    I went throught this, I bled for a around a week from getting my BFP, and we told our parents, and then I had to talk about the bleeding a lot, its up to you but i found this quite stressful on top of the bleeding.

    It is very common, please try not to worry too much, hopefully a scan will reassure you, but its sometimes hard to pick up a heart beat this early, so please don't upset yourself if you have to go back, its not a bad sign and is just a side effect of a very early scan. Just think positive, keep relaxed ( if possible without the aid of wine!!) and rest.

    Good luck,
    C xx
  • Hi, Shrewpin, how did you get on today.

    How are you feeling?

    Laura xx
  • Hi everyone,

    I managed to get an appointment for tomorrow morning (Tues) for the early scan. OH has been given the week off work so he'll be able to come with me and then we can support each other whatever the outcome.
    I had a bit more blood yesterday and period type cramps and back ache in the evening. Again today there has been more blood. Just when I wipe after the toilet really I haven't had to wear a sanitary towel as there isn't that much blood. I've just been using a thin panty liner. Not sure if that is a good sign or not. How much bleeding did you girls have? I have also noticed that my boobs aren't sore anymore, and I have read that this can be a sign of miscarrige. I really have got a bad feeling about everything and I'm not looking forward to the scan but at least if we find out either way we can begin to come to terms with whatever the result.
    We decided not to tell the in-laws yesterday, think it was the right thing to do really.
    Anymore advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks xxx
  • hi hun i had two well what i thought was periods i am 27 weeks now and the baby is fine i didnt find out i was PG until i was 10 weeks so dont worry to much hun bleeding is very common in early stages xx
  • hi not sure if this helps or not but my boobs didnt hurt at all really during pregnancy! not sure thats a sign of miscarriage hun but my thoughts with you let us know how you go on xx Hayley XX
  • Hi Shrewpin, will be thinking of you tomorrow. xxxxx
  • best wishes for tomorrow, will keep an eye out for your post. wen i miscarried it happened quickly, dont no if thats the same for everyone, but the fact that you are having a slow small bleed may just be implantation. the closed cervix is a good sign.
    fingers crossed for you
  • i hope all goes well for u! as you said youve read my post, they are very helpful arnt they?? i went to the doc tday she had a lil listen to belly and said alls good and got my scan on wednesday! let us knw how u go on tho!
  • Hi everyone
    Just a quick update.
    Been a awful day really. Went to hospital this morning and had scan, but they couldn't find anything. The nurse said that it might be too early or it could be a miscarrige.
    They did a urine pregnancy test and that came back positive, but this can still sometimes happen if you are having a miscarrige as there might still be hormones hanging around.
    They took a blood sample as apparently that is more accurate for measuring the hormone levels and said that they would ring with the results. If the levels were low then they could definitely say it was a miscarrige and if they were above a certain level then I would have to go back in 2 days time and they would take more blood to see if there was a rise in the hormone levels. If there wasn't a rise, again they could say that it was a miscarrige.
    The hospital has just called and I have to go back on Thursday to see if the hormone levels have changed.
    To be honset I really wish I had found out one way or another today. This just feels like it is prolonging the agony. I think deep down I know that it is a miscarrige. I have had more bleeding today and again it is a bit heavier. Just feel so bloody awful don't really know what to do with myself. Thanks once again for all your support, you lot are great.
    Good luck bec with your scan tomorrow I hope it is a truly amazing experience for you. Let us know how you get on. xxx
  • i know how your feelin shrewpin, i had a misscarriage in july it broke me in two! i was here there n every were coz they cudnt decide if i was pregnant or not which just made me worse! in the end i wasnt! but i wish you all the luck in the world babe!!!! my email is [email protected] feel free 2 email me if you just want a lil chat!
  • Thanks love, I really need to find out whats going on, this is just killing me and my OH. I know I'm just going to have to wait until Thursday though. I just keep thinking that if I am still pregnant then it can't be very healthy to have all this bleeding! But like I said deep down I think I know what the outcome is going to be. Will keep you posted. xxx
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