feel low & don't know if i feel pg anymore!

I feel really down,the last day I've had lower back ache and my hip has been a bit achey - has anyone else experienced this? I feel so low today because of other stuff going on at home that i don't think i could deal with this being something bad. Also i had quite a tummy on me (bloatedness i think) and overnight its gone. Just need reassurance that this is normal or that others have experienced this. thanks Girls. x

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  • i have really paranoid days where i think there is something wrong with baby and my bump looks smaller ext,
    im sure you are fine and you are just worrying,if you are concerned go to the mw and get some reasurance hun thats why they are there.
    hope you feel betta soon xxx


  • How far along are you sweetie? With my first pregnancy I was up and down until I'd had my scan and seen the baby on the screen. (My husband cried his eyes out, bless!) I remember having days where I felt like I just couldn't cope and was I really pregnant. I had a healthy boy last september. I'm pregnant again now and desperate to have my scan. Having a bit of a rotten time too since my husband has lost his job recently and the worry that has caused is making me worry about this pregnancy. I know deep down that the baby is ok. Sorry, I'm waffling. What I'm trying to say is that I sometimes feel like you do and I did with my last pregnancy too. It sounds normal to me!

    I hope that this helps, sorry if it doesn't.

    Denise xx
  • hey babe, don't worry i'm sure everything is fine, i have been worrying cos i feel so great and have no symptoms not even tired anymore but unless something happens then i refuse to worry!! i think in the early weeks of pregnancy we all feel the same paranoid and worry! especially if it is ur first ( is mine) as u don't know what to expect u don't know what it should feel like and if it feels normal or not! i think talking to others going through the same thing really helps!! xxx
  • Hi babe it is difficult to say without knowing how fargone you arebut i was paranoid very day since i did a test and i am 36 weeks now and i still think oh my god is that normal. Hormones effect our body in so many different ways and the reason your tummymay feel different is becouse some of us get blotiness and water retention in the first few weeks. I know i constantly needed a wee but never felt like my bladder was empty (bit like now actually) and then as your uterus moves higher this pressure changes which may be areason for your back ache. Also the hormones have relaxed your ligaments so you are going to get all sorts of aches and pains. Can i just offer you one bit of advice though - if your lower back ache gets worse and continues see a chiropractor. I ignored mine till 34 weeks thinking it would get better when i fineshed work. Now i am inright mess with spine and pelvis problems. Chiropracter is doing her best but she only has 4 weeks left to try and sort it out before birth, stupidly it was the cost that put me off - now i would pay anything to be pain free.
  • Its completely normal hun, I have had hip and backache since 4 weeks image I'm 17 weeks now and everything is perfect. Try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy (believe me though I know how difficlut it is)

  • Hi funkymonkey, sorry to find out that you're feeling low.

    If you're concerned about anything to do with the PG then I would def call your GP or MW to chat with them. There is no such thing as a silly question so don't worry about asking. Am sure all they will do is reassure you everything is ok which is good for your peace of mind. Worrying won't be any good for either you or your baby (easier said than done as I am the world's worst worrier!)

    I really hope you're feeling at least a little bit brighter today.
    Thinking of you, Em xxxxxxxx
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