help my skin...

I seem to be reverting back to when i was 13-16 yrs old and am suffering from lots of spots some under the skin, any suggestions am very dubious to put anything on my skin.

seem to get new outbreaks everyday!

x 9 + 4 days.


  • Hi Mokoso,
    I have been having the same problem, but nothing really seems to work. I'm guessing my skin will go back to normal after baby arrives.

    Sorry not much help.

    Carleen 35 + 2
  • I am just the same babe I never get sports and have them all over my face under the skin as well, I look like a Pizza!!!

    K xx

  • hi, i had exactly the same problem, they did seem to clear up by the time i was 12wks then my skin looked better then ever b4. xx
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