Morning sickness (well, and all day really!)

Well ladies, i though i had got away with it but the sickness has started at the weekend. Im not actually being sick but in a way i wish i could coz it might make me feel better! i am just constantly nauseous. i bought some wristbands for sickness and have to say i dont think they are making much difference. also i am trying ginger biscuits which is kind of all i am eating at the moment!
Does anyone else have any secrets or little gems of information, i hate feeling sick (as does everybody!!) and its getting harder to hide at work, im a nurse.
please help im desperate for suggestions
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  • Hiya, when I was preg I had all day sickness for about twelve weeks and couldnt stand the smell of anything, spent most of that first trimester in bed!I survives on skips and the flat lucozade sport, only things I could keep down!
  • Hi hun, sorry you have have been feeling so nauseous. I had this from 6 weeks until 15 weeks. It was awful, I tried most things, but not much helped me. I found eating on a regular basis helped a bit and sleeping lots!
    Hope you start feeling better soon xx

  • hi, i also survived on lucozade- not flat though, hope it starts to ease for u soon. xxx
  • hi ,lou

    im a nurse also,some colleagues know some dont!i feel sick all day every day since 5.5 weeks,im now nearly 8 weeks,i have eaten nothing since the day before yesterday except tub of tuna pasta,6 digestives and 3 bananas,im drinking loads of herbal tea,and someone recommended i drink fizzy water,sxo ill get some today,hope you feel a bit better soon,ill say one thing tho.....good diet!!lol

  • Ginger & Elderflower cordiel and peppermint. Try not to let blood sugar drop as makes it worse. xx
  • i find the minute i get hungry i feel even more sick so i make sure i have a biscuit to hand. i have felt bad since about 5 weeks and luckily now the all day naseous feeling is starting to go. im 9 weeks now. i find now its smells that make me feel ill and i have had to keep hubby at arms length as he often smells of something that makes me feel chewing gum!!! xx
  • Sea sickness bands from the chemist worked for me hun, i had terrible sickness until 14 weeks as am having twins. They cost about ??8 and work!! xx
  • To be honest I didn't find anything worked (sorry!). Just do your utmost to keep drinking- don't let yourself get dehydrated

    Best of luck sweetie- hope it ends for you quickly

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  • Try ginger crystals, they are like sugar crystal with raw ginger. They will stop you feeling as sick and will also help to keep your energy levels up if your on your feet all day! I also find that eating a cracker in the morning before I get out of bed helps, i tmight be the last thing in the world that appeals to you but once you eat it, you will be thankful!!
    LOL about the smell of your OH, the smell of mine sets me off, I feel really sorry for him - I know id be a bit sad if every time he came near me I started throwing up!
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