How long for first midwife apt?

Hi all,

i've just recently found out i'm pregnant and went to see doctor couple of days ago who said he'd refer me to midwife. Still haven't heard anything (i know it's not been very long) but just wondered how long others had waited for their first midwife apt.

This is my first pregnancy and am worrying about absolutely everything. x :\?


  • i found out i was preg at 3 weeks and didnt see midwife until i was 9 weeks i didnt hear anything for 4 weeks i think! dnt worry hun image
  • Hi, I found out when I was 5 weeks and I then saw the mw 2 weeks later when i was 7 weeks
  • They usually wait for 2 missed periods before they call you up for an appointment in case you have a 'false positive'
  • Hi spec, I know how you feel. I went to doctors last week and made midwife appt straight away as surgery has a midwife and it's not for another 6 weeks when I will be 12 weeks pregnant. I have been ringing every few days for an earlier appointment and they tell me there's nothing. I am having to book a private scan cos who knows how far gone I'll be before I get my nhs scan.
    Hope your appointments alot quicker.
    Leanne x
  • Leanne, how do you go about booking a private scan?
  • I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and didn't see my midwife until I was 11 weeks. My Dr gave me the number of the midwife clinic and I had to phone and make the appointment myself xxxxx
  • I've done some research on internet and found afew companies that do them - there's Baby Premier that have locations nationwide although when I rang them they only do appointments on Tuesdays, scans are ??90. Also found one called Babybond who are nationwide and about same price.
    I think I'm gonna go with Leeds screening centre as it's local to me and they cost ??70 and do evening and saturday appointments.
    All those places have got websites.
  • Thanks leanne, i might look into that if they do take ages.
  • well i have had two scans my bookings organised for next scans etc, and i have only got my appointment for15th jan.

    i found out i was pregnant on the 10th dec. so i guess they wait a while.
  • hey i went to the docs last week and he told me i was 7 weeks going on my last af, he told me to book an appointment at the surgery for the community midwife at 9 weeks then i will prob see her at 10 weeks. i will get my scan through the post and will be between 12-14 weeks, i don't mid waiting as the longer it is the more i will be able to see in the scan, although i do want to know that everything is ok xx
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