Hello all!

I agreed to being my best friend's bridesmaid 2 years ago - and of course in my own little world, I would have been pregnant, had the baby and be trimmed down again...

However, Mother Nature decided this wasn't to be, so when it comes to the wedding in April, I will be 19 weeks pregnant (touch wood that everything goes well!)

Anyhoo, my question is - what do I do about ordering a dress? We are going dress shopping on Saturday (when I will only be 5 weeks and yes, my best friend does know, but the other bridesmaids don't and I don't know them well enough, so don't want them to know!)

Will I be showing by then? Should I order the size bigger and have it altered to fit? Would one size be big enough to order?

I'm just really confused! Do you think the bridal shop would have much experience with this and would it be worth asking them?

I guess I am asking if anyone else has been in this position and if so, what did you do? And if you haven't been in this position, what would you do?

Thanks girls!




  • Hey honey, the bridal shop will have had plenty of experience with this! They may decide to wait until a bit nearer the time to order yours, or order a bigger size and alter it to fit. My best friend was 8 months pregnant when she was a bridesmaid and they did such a good job with her dress that you couldnt even see she was pregnant! I'm sure you'll be fine. By 19 weeks you'll have a lovely cute little bump to show off, and should be feeling quite well by then too so its perfect timimg really!! xxx
  • Awwww, you made me well up saying a cute little bump! Must be hormones eh? But I can't wait to have a bump to show off!

    Thanks for the advice - think I'll have to ask and play it by ear!


  • I will be in a similar situation to you MrsBammy! But I'll be nearly 32 weeks pregnant when Im a bridesmaid in April! Unfortunately my friend has already got our dresses from Debenhams, it would be so much easier if she had waited. At least you have the option of getting a bigger dress and then having it altered to your new shape. I think you'll be fine, Im 16 weeks now and showing a bit but not loads. It depends what kind of dress you go for, if its not a really figure hugging one you'll prob be ok with a size bigger. What size were you pre preg? I know everyones different with when they start to show.
    Sorry if Ive babbled I hope you feel better now, I wish I was in your boat! Im very stressed about it all!! xx
  • Yeah for sure the wedding shop people deal with this regulary, my best friend got married July last and i was bridesmaid.. when we choose dresses months and months beforehand i mentioned to lady that i was trying and like you hoped to of had and slimmed but wasnt to be, she just said that i would have more fittings nearer the time and she would guide us to choose a dress that can be more easily alterted, she wasnt fazed at all. In the end we found out we were pregnant the week of the wedding so i was only 6weeks gone, but hey my boobs looked great in the pics even at that early stage lol lol lol
  • Lol - some of those posts made me giggle!

    As for Prepreg size, I am a kinda borderline 14/16 - very hippy though!

    Going tomorrow, which I am excited about and have talked to the bride and she's gonna take the other two bridesmaids away so I can talk to the shop owner on the quiet, as I don't want the other bridesmaids knowing, as I am only 5 weeks.

    Thanks for your advice ladies!

  • ooo have fun, i loved going round all the dress shops and esp seeing my best friend try on lots of wedding dresses, cried every time.
    One suggestion thou...try on lots of different styles even if they dont look right on the hanger its amazing how different they look when they are on image
  • Hey!

    I had same prob, i agreed to be my bestfriend's chief bridesmaid last year and then i fell pregnant. She was obviously over the moon for me and i think i was more worried that i was letting her down than she was bothered about it :lol:

    We worked out i'd be 20 weeks gone by her wedding (sept past) and would defo be showing. She had our dresses made for us, so it was good as i could keep getting it altered and had my final fitting the week before, it all worked out well image

    The dress looked fab and the way it lay, my bump was discreet!

    Im sure it'll be fine and it'll be fab day image

    Sharon x

  • Hi, my Sister was my bridesmaid and when we ordered the dresses she wasnt pregnant...

    It wasnt planned but the shop were fab and took the back out of her dress and replaced the zip with a panel which we could tie up. It was obviously a differednt back to the other bridesmaid but they both looked fab!
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