my sister

my sister has been trying for a baby for 3 years she is now having tests done to see whats wrong.
i feel so sorry for her and trying to think of ways to help her
is sex the only way of getting pregnant without any medical intervene.
sorry if its a daft question


  • Fraid so - I assume she's done things like stopping smoking/drinking and changing diet/exercise etc? Not sure what you were thinking of? Good luck to your sis anywayx
  • i wa talking about like when is the best time to have sex and like diets and that kind of thing
  • Has she tried any holistic therapies? I know not everyone believes in them but reflexology and acupuncture etc may help, I always think its worth a try

  • Reflexology has had great results in aiding conception apparently.

    In terms of diet, it would be the obvious eating healthily etc. It's also important for both your sis and her oh to give up smoking and to only drink in moderation. If they have access to the internet, it may be worth doing some research online, failing that going to their local bookshop/library etc.

    Haven't had problems conceiving as such so am not in the best position to advise. Have you tried on the TTC forum?

    As for sex, I know that people can get hooked up on timing etc but I know the best advice is to have lots of it (every day if poss).

    Wishing them both all the bestxx
  • Hi we tried for our dd for 2 yrs then it happened, we decided to have another when she was 2 and got pg straight away but sadly had an mc at 9 weeks, but it then took us a furthr 3 yrs for ds we had tests done and hubby was fine but i have pcos and they said that one ovary was covered in cysts and the other wasnt to bad and i only had a 50/50 chance of conceiving so they referred us for ivf, we had our first appointment and were due our second in nov but had to cancel it and we were waiting for another one when we found out we were pg, after so long we decided to have sex for fun not for making babies and i lost weight and done more exercise cut out alcohol and tea and coffee as much and tried to have a bit more of a positive mental attitude as i was getting so down on myself and it eventually worked for us, i am now expecting baby no 3 so we went from thinking we couldnt have any more to having 3.
    vikki xx
  • thanks for all your coments ill pass them on to her
    thanks again x
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