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Hi Mummies,
Hope ur all enjoying the lovely whether, as hard as it is for us. Iv just got back from my mw who straight away asked me before even looking at my notes or anything if i was taking my iron tablets. I explained that i had only just received the letter telling me i needed them so haven't had chance to pick them up yet. She said i need to start taking them asap coz my colouring is very off (she said i was a greyish yellow, yeah thanks like i dnt feel like shit as it is). She said take 3 a day for at least a week to give me an initial boost and then look into other forms of iron that aren't going to give me black stools, yuck.

Anyway baby is head down like i suspected (as im getting all the kicks and stuff at the top of my bump and in my ribs) however the head is free and not engaged yet, so the little bugger will proberly have chagned position by the time i next go. Babys heart rate was fine at 145bpm and on measuring my bump im apparently measuring 35cm! I cnt believe this massive jump. At 28wks i was only measuring 27cm so in the space of three weeks there has been a 8cm growth, can this be right? Mw didnt seem bothered tho and said everthing was fine, my blood pressure was raised slightly but i suppose this can only be expected with the heat. Anyway im not gona ramble on anymore, hope everyone is well. Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry, glad it all went well. With regards to your bump growing so fast mine did the same. In the space of 5 weeks I jumped from 28cm to 37cm! Hoping that this will be the last growth spurt that I have as think I will fall over if I get any bigger! Hope your colouring is better soon! Take care!
    Tammi xxx
    34.5 wks
  • Cheer tamarabell, its made me feel better knowing that im not the only one who has had a rapid growth. Kerry xxx

  • Hi kerry glad everything went ok at mw, with second babies you are always bigger anyway as everything is already streched from the first thats probably why she wasnt to worried.
    vikki xx
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