Hormonal Wreck!

Is anyone else a hormonal/crying wreck at the moment?

This is how bad I am. Yesterday I snapped at DH over some dirty washing he had left on the bedroom floor and then I took my daughter out in the car. DJ Sammy Heaven (the candlelight mix) came on the radio and the next thing i know I'm blarring my eyes out!!! Alice was saying " Mummy are you happy?" and I had to try and explain that I was happy but somehow was crying at the same time!!

Oh and another incident. I shouted at the Leisure Centre staff on tuesday this week because they had told me the wrong time for the mother and tots swim and then i had to wait 40 mins and i just snapped at them! Dear o Dear.

Anyone else in the same boat please or is it just me being a neurotic?

MA x x x
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  • dont worry hun, im exactly the same at mo!
    i even have a go at the t.v when theres something on i disagree with. one min i am so pissed off the next i find myself sat at the bottom of bed crying over nothing!!

    My partner thinks am crackers!! lol xx
  • haha gemima - im so glad ur with me! my hub also keeps laughin at me and then he hugs me saying "let it all out" like im some senile old wuss! grrr. i wish men could go through this and then they would me a lot more sympathetic!! x
  • Hi mumy ames ive just joined the pregnancy forum! im 5 weeks PG, how are you? hope your feeling better!!?xxx
  • I know EXACTLY how you feel...
    The other morning my oh made me a bacon sandwich and he asked if I wanted tomato sauce on and I said no thanks. Anyway, he brought them to me and I bit into one and it had tomato sauce on!!!! I just went off at him saying I said NO tomato sauce and then I started crying!
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