fao anyone around 35 weeks

Hi one of my freinds is getting married when i will hopefully be about 35 weeks. Its 250 miles away from where I live. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how I might be feeling by then. I really want to go but also dont want to go and feel crap! Thanks and happy new year to all X


  • hi apple_jack, well im 35+3 now and got to be honest im feeling crap, swollen ankles, uncomfortable and very tired, i avoid going in the car even for 10mins.
    maybe you could travel down the day before and then atleast you will get a good nights sleep before the big day? wear comfy shoes and you could even use a bump support belt to help during the day?
    it would be a shame to miss it, you never know you may feel blooming great at 35wks!.
    good luck
  • Hi, I am 39+6 and I felt OK at 35 weeks, quite tired but travelled 200 miles for a weekend away with no problems. Swollen hands and ankles were a bit of a problem so I would make sure you are wearing something comfortable.
  • Hi Applejack, I'm now 34wks and feel absolutely fine...yes, I get a little bit tired by the end of the day but luckily have no other symptoms to speak of. I'm still wearng my high heels and have been out & about socialising over Christmas & New Year, so i'd say see how you're feeling nearer the time but hopefully you'll have no reason to miss out hun! x


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