CM question from ttc

Hi ladies I am not sure what dpo I am but have noticed in the last two days I have quite a bit of creamy cm and I have never noticed this before af!!
I was just wondering if any of you got creamy cm before you bfp and if so how long before!!!

oh I hope its a good sign for me!!!
plus I usually get sore boobs and nipples before AF and they are not sore I have just had the odd pain and a tingling at times!!



  • Hiya,
    TTC is a funny malarky, some ppl find they have symptoms before AF is due which are different from usual and still go on to have AF. Others find that the month they get their BFP is the one month they have no symptoms whatsoever! The month I got my BFP I had sore boobs (which I sometimes had before AF) and lots of EWCM.

    Good luck, I hope this is it!


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