Yeti belly syndrome

In past fex weeks my belly has become quite fuzzy!

Does anyone else have this problem? Never heard of this as a common pregnancy issue?
Bit embarassing...starting to look like a pot bellied yeti! :lol:
Lis x x


  • lol - well my oh commented on mine the other week so you definitely not alone there!!
    i have read about it somewhere too - in one of the many books/leaflets i have - something about the hair on your head will become much thicker and healthier .. but be warned this can go for the entire body! ha! so maybe one of us will be posting about other hairy bits in the near future! nice!!
  • lol your not alone, mine is very hairy and they are thick black ones its horrible but if i shave them they will come back worse lol
    vikki xx
  • i've had a hairy belly since about 8 wks (now 29+2), my oh thinks its hilarious! apparently an old wives tale says a hairy belly is the sign of a boy (summat to do with testosterone i think). dont know what i'm having, but is this true for anyone?

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  • I'm having a boy but haven't noticed a hairy belly, lol! Hope this doesn't happen to me. I have light brown hairs there anyway as I'm quite dark, they're not very noticeable but hope they don't get worse.
    20+4 x x x
  • I had a boy and had an extremley hairy belly but when i had my daughter not a hair insight.This time im 10+5 and noticed a couple of hairs so well see in about 10 weeks as im finding out what were having if they can
    vikki xx
  • Oh thank god im not the only hairy monster!!
    I also am quite hairy for a woman, arms, legs and ....ahem.....tash! haha!! OH thinks this is hillarious! Dont want to shave though as I know it will grow back thick and will end up having to plait it or something! lol!
    First time i've heard of this wives tale about it being a boy...we shall find out in about 26 weeks!!! you will all have to let me know what you have so i know if its true!
    x x
  • well i found out at my last scan that we were having a boy image so maybe there is some truth in that old wives tale ...
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