Does an anterior placenta always mean a posterior baby?

I'm planning another homebirth and the last thing I want is a back to back labour. Does anyone have any experience of having an anterior placenta and an anterior baby or is the theory that babies always face their placenta true?


  • well last thing i knew on my scan 2 weeks ago she was breech and facing my placenta ! i have an anterior placenta, i had a back to back birth with my son it wasnt all that bad, the pain was more in my back than my front with the contractions

  • My placenta was anterior and my LO wasnt back to back. Had a normal delivery in hospital with no problems at all, except a long labour!

  • Hmmm... I had an anterior placenta and a posterior baby. I didnt find out he was posterior until 40+3 weeks and I was furious as a midwife had misdiagnosed it all that time. I spent a lot of time crawling around the floor to shift him, but by then he was huge (born 9lb 1) and didnt work. I had a 2 day labour and an emergency c-section! BUT, I have heard that back to back labour is not such an issue for the 2nd baby xxx
  • I don't know the answer to your question per se but I do know that I had an anterior placenta and Lily was NOT back to back - until 2 days before I went into labour :evil: So I did end up having a back-to-back labour.
  • My placenta was anterior with my first and my baby wasn't babk-to-back xxxx

  • hi i'm 36+1 with my first, i have an anterior placenta but my little man is not back to back, he's in perfect position. xx
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