Where to hire TENS from?

Hi ladies,

just wondering where you've hired your TENS machines from - just realised I havent done it yet!!! Oops!!! I really must get that sorted. I dont know where to look or how much is usual to pay.

Sarah 37+4


  • I heard that boots hire them out and it's normally about ??20 odd pounds or they are about ??45 to buy. Good luck x
  • I just bought mine from ebay, think it was about ??20 and has an unopened set of pad things with it, just means I don't have to worry about it breaking or anything as I don't have to return it xx
  • Hi I have hired mine from Asda Pharmacy for ??10.00 for four weeks and can extend for a further 2 weeks if you go over (which it looks like I am going to do).

    Its a mamatens one.

  • Thanks ladies... I'll look into those.

    NicolaH - that seems like a really good deal, what did you have to do? Did you order it online or in store?
  • I hired mine from Tescos and got it straight away, it was 26.99 with 2 weeks free if overdue xx will be doing same this time xx
  • I went into the Pharmacy in the store. They gave me a box with a voucher code in it. I emailed (or you can telephone) them and they said they would send it 3 weeks before my due date, which they did. It arrived by Royal Mail when they had promised to. You don't even have to pay to send it back, that is included in the price!

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