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bio oil

im using cocoa butter and still getting stretch marks,is anyone using bio oil and found it any good? and does it sink in as i cant stand greasy skin?


  • I've got bio oil but I do find it a bit greasy, leaves a sheen on your skin. I've not been able to use it much lately either because I've got highly sensitive skin and is seems to flare it up. It's also quite heavily scented and the smell reminds me of when I had morning sickness!!


  • I really like it, it is a little oily but then it is an oil. It can also be used for Perineul (sp) massage and put in the bath. Put it on before you go to bed, i don't find it rubs of on your pj's. Can be used on your boobs as well and makes the skin feel lovely! I would recommend it!

  • some oils feel greasy initially but sink in well thats what im after i dont want an oil that sits on the skin
  • Yeah i know exactly what you mean. It soaks in pretty quick but not nearly as quick as the coco butter does, you are aware that it is there but i don't think it leaves you greasy. Have you got the special coco butter for stretch marks? Its a little thicker i think. However i don't know if you have a market near you but i would personally get the bio oil from one of the toiletries stand as its half price or less otherwise its a bit expensive I think. I wouldn't pay ??16 for a bottle of it!
  • Hiya, i have found the bio oil actually sinks in easier than the coco butter, as its called a dry oil.

    I got the big bottle of bio oil from Costco, if u have a card i would recommend a trip, its the biggest size which is about ??19 everywere else is less than a tenner plus vat !
    bargin lol
  • i normally use the normal cocoa butter in the long bottle, i did buy the stretch mark cream cocoa butter but found as its a small bottle it wasnt lasting me 5 mins! i want to prevent anymore and also get rid of ones i have got,im also worried when i loose weigfht after birth i may get some more! arghhhhhhhh so i really need to be using something everyday for a good while. i have only been using in morning,maybe i should do 2x a day? do you girls use your oils,lotions 2x a day?
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