Im an Aunty again!

Morning ladies, my SIL had a little baby boy at about 3am this morning!

Birth was quite horrendous by all accounts but they both ok now!

Just wish we didnt live 130 miles away so we could go and visit. But think they will have lots of visitors and cant even go to work today due to snow!

So I am Aunty Dinks for the 3rd time but this one is Hubby's side and the baby apparently looks like him!


  • aww, congrates image my sister had her little one 3 weeks ago today and i hacent seen them as they live down south!

  • Awww thats great news, my OH's siter had a baby last May and she looked so much like my OH it was unreal! Shes a little cutie though!


  • Thanks ladies, we are going to try and go and see them at the weekend. My Hubby been bit soppy today, had his bro on the phone all emotional and it set him off!
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