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Hi girls

Has anybody seen those twins that have one body and one heart but two heads. The mother is going to still have them even though the Dr's have told her there is only a 20% that they will live after the birth.

K xx



  • I know everybody might kill me for saying this but I don;t think it is fair to those babies that she is going to have them?

    They will most likly die and only have one heart , she said God has picked her to have these babies.

    K xx

  • I agree K-Lou!!

    p.s good luck on your train journey home! x
  • hmmm it must be hard, can you imagine agreeing to abort a baby (or babies) you have tried so long for and told you would probably never have? Having said that the chances of survival are so low and even if they do pull through its hardly a normal life, regardless of what they say about the american twins that are also one body etc. Difficult decision but i wish them all the best of luck.
    charlie x
  • I think they deserve the chance at life. I don't disagree with abortion in any way if it's for a good reason, but it's been proven that they could live a normal life, and i think they deserve the chance to try and survive. xx
  • bloody hell! Well having twins myself if something like that happened to us we wouldn't go through with the pregnancy. I don't believe it's fair to bring a child into the world if they are going to suffer, and what kind of life are they going to have like that?! They will be stared at, tormented, probably have health problems.... the list is endless. I know there are so many people desperate for a child and it does say they've been trying for a long time but personally I would be thinking of the children in this case and not just myself....

    I know everyone will have different opinions but that's mine.


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  • to be honest i think its very hard to comment unless u have been through a simalar experience yourself there are positives and negatives for both sides its not just a case of o they r deformed get rid those poor parents the shock prob hasnt hit her imagine going to your 20 week scan to b told u r better off aborting your babys they r 2 little people and deserve to have a cahnce but on the other side what kind of life will the have? will they have any or any atall i really dont think they should be judged just cos u have a child thats abit different doesnt make them freeks it gets me so mad cos people will prob say about me behind my bac o she should of let the docs turn his life support off as tyler has brain damage and has to be fed through a tube and has complex needs numerous chest infec but hes happy cos he doesnt know any better so the twins will be happy if they do survive cos they dont know any better oh yes people will stare but thats there problem there the 1 with the issues not the parents or the twins
  • tinkerbell i totally agree with what u r saying about it being hard to judge unless faced with the situation however we unfortunatly live in a very sad world with lots of nasty sad people who do judge people who are "different" and these twins have only been given 20% survival rate , i know there is already 1 set of twins born with this but i truly believe the docs and professional teams at the hospitals know whether a parent should continue with a pregnancy when there is soooo many complications and surely the mother is at a slight risk herself? neices are very polite and broadminded children for there ages (6&4)i showed them the picture of the two children before when i was reading this innitially and the 4 year old said .......oh o why has the little girl got 2 heads she looks silly and the six year old said "only aliens have 2 heads"..........they werent being mean but its just something that is never ever seen and i think that the twins we are discussing if they do live will face comments like that and much much worse as well as health complications all there life , i just cant imagine how there parents must feel as i absolutly do not know how i would deal with being told my "perfect"baby wasnt "perfect"...........xxxxxxxxx

    sorry ive rambled a bit there its quite hard to discuss xxxxx
  • I just wanted to add, the mother is only around 9 or 10 weeks, not 20 as someone else said so obviously its very early days. Medics have said another heartbeat may be detected at the 12 week scan and they wont know how many organs they have until the 20 week scan. They had an early scan due to the fact they had been trying for so long and told it wasn't going to happen.
    charlie x
  • When I first read this I agreed that perhaps it would be kinder to end the pregnancy and then I thought how I would have felt if something had been wrong at one of my scans. Any couple that have planned and longed for a baby would be devastated at this news and at the end of the day it is still their baby, perhaps they are hoping for a miracle x
  • wen u r in that situation a miricle is all u have left to hold on to i think id be the same it is such a difficult subject to even think about 12 weeks or 20 weeks they r still their parents little miricles my heart goes out to them what ever they decide xxx
  • Snowangel has summed it up perfectly for me.

    What a dilemma for the parents, though - and whatever they decide, they have tough times ahead.
  • I just think that 20% chance of living is not a good chance of life for those babies. I know without a doubt in my mind even though I have never in my life been through anything like that, that I would not have those babies.

    I watched her interview on Sky News and it just seemed odd to me. Shr had no real expression on her face even when she spoke about them. Saying god has picked her to carry these babies??

    They will never have a normal life, it's not the same as having a downs baby or a baby thats missing arms or legs, is twins in one body with two heads. They will without doubt have health problems and I just think it's very unfair.

    I hope I am not offending anybody but I feel really strongly about it, I think it's very selfish from the parents point of view to carry on with this I feel like they are looking at it because they thought they could not have a baby so they want to carry on for them not those poor babies. If they had given them a 70 % chance of even 50 above then maybe it would be different.

  • I agree with you K lou and snowangel summed it up perfectly. Everyone will obviously have mixed opinions but there have been so many children lately on the tv whose parents have been told to abort but didnt and then the babies have died in their first few days after numerous operations. That is no quality of life for them and I wouldnt take the risk for my baby as I wouldnt want it to go through any more pain than it has to.
    Georgie x
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