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Those going to NHS Antenatel classes

Just a couple of questions. we decided not to do NCT as they are ??279 in my area.....sooooo we have booked for the NHS ones, 5 weeks for 2 hours every wednesday. The only disadvantage is they are during the day so OH's dont tend to go.

I was just wondering if they still encourage you to take emails/numbers etc and do you meet up after like with NCT?

Have any guys gone to any of yours?


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  • Hi i havent been yet but spoke to midwife about it and in the area i live in its all done on one day! so i dont think i will be making life long friends there but dont think i cdan afford NCT classes either x
  • HI hun -
    I started my nhs ones 4 weeks ago.
    they are every friday am for 2 hours, for 6 weeks.
    Yes those that wanted to filled out their name / number on a sheet and it was copied for everyone in the group. Which is great. Its so good to know there are mums to be in my local area due around the same time who want to get to know you / do stuff after bubs arrives perhaps.
    No men come to my classes - one came the first week and never came back. They're great.
    Hope you enjoy yours.

  • i haven't been a ble to book or look into classes yet and i have to relocate so change gp/mw/hosp etc. Do these courses go quick in terms of numbers? Also i assumed other half would be able to come, is it standard for women only? (never did them with my son)
  • How many weeks are you? the NHs ones run quite often but earlier the better. men are welcome, but I think as it is during the day most dont go....(thats what the MW on phone said to me)

  • I'm only 12 + 3, so still early on, but just wondered when courses usually start. Ill be relocating when i'm approx 24 weeks
  • Mine start at 29 weeks x
  • ah ok, thanks for that image
  • I opted for the NCT classes as the NHS ones were on a turn up one evening for a 2 hour session which I thought was rubbish as I was told the classes would be a great place to meet new friends. I don't have any pregnant friends or friends with children within a 100 mile radius - so really wanted to make sure I had the chance to meet people.

    It seems the NHS classes are different dependent upon where you are. I do know someone at work who still had to book their NHS class and pay ??200 towards it, which I thought was pretty steep, so didn't think the NCT was that bad. Plus if you don't want to join its actually ??40 cheaper than they quote.

    I am getting worried about mine though as not due to finish the two week course unitl 37 weeks - I better not deliver early! Apparently most classes aim to finish one month before your due date.

    I do wish I had a better NHS alternative though as this bubba is turning out to be really expensive!!

  • mine are run at my local health centre on a tuesday evening for 5 weeks...last one next week......they are really helpful. I guess I was lucky that my oh could be there, although some people go with friends etc

    Try other health centres or the hospital 2....I had a choice of 4 nights and 3 day ones to go to!

    Good luck
  • Hi,

    My midwife said that when it's just the ladies at the class, she's noticed people tend to make more effort to chat. Mine are during the day too, so I'll be going alone. I hope people are friendly and want to meet up regularly for coffee and chat.

    Hope you enjoy your break, btw(saw your post in Sept 09)!

    K xx
  • I booked onto mine yesterday, would have done earlier if I had known how! They start when I am 36 weeks, and finish on my due date! so much for finishing a month before, hope Peap doesn't come early then they will be postnatal!

    Mine are held at a Children's centre, and are 2 hours in an evening, forgot to ask if hubby's come too! Oops

    Bets XxX
  • Have just finished the NCT classes (9 sessions) and thought they were very good, albeit an extra expense. They are tailored to be 7 couples and everyone was around the same age and all live close by.

    Midwife told me I could not book NHS classes until I was 20 weeks and by then all classes were full so I had to pay for NCT. Would highly recommend them if you can afford it. All the mums-to-be have been meeting for coffee once a week since the classes finished. I'm working until I'm 37 weeks so have another week before I can join them.
  • Kirsty,

    I can`t remember if we talked about this much on Thurs but I had the same dilemma as you. I was really 50/50 for ages mainlybecause of the price but I really do think it has been the best money spent so far! I think the classes are fantastic and there was 6of us ( couples) all really local and like minded and we are meeting up once a week at the mo which is lovely!

    I really wanted to hear about peoples experiences before I joined and TBH nobody had ANYTHING negative to say. I would say if you can stretch to it, go for it as I thought it was brilliant!

    Oh also, the dads are all meeting for a curry this week too!

  • Sarah,

    You made me change my I re enquired and they only have for End of October births now, I knew i'd left it too late......going to just have to go with my lot and hope the NHS ones are good......

    K :\)
  • Just to say i did my antenatal NHS class in January 2007 we had one in the evening where dh's went and the rest in the day and i was really pleased that dh's didnt go as a) you cld ask any question and b) all the girls were really friendly as they were on their own. I have met with them at least every thursday for the last 2 years, have gone out in the evenings with them and really do not know how i would have coped without them. my m/w said the problem (at least in my area) is that the NCT classes have ppl from all over the surrounding area whereas the NHS are more localised so you get to know ppl nearby. I really can not speak highly enough of them

  • Ah well, whats meant to be is meant to be and I am sure you will meet other lovely mums at your NHS ones and of course you aready know us group of Mummys to be too!!!

    If you are keen, I would ask to be first refusal as we had a latecomer due to somebody dropping never know!!

    You are a pro on this site lol!

  • Sarah - good idea, I was only going by thier website course left.

    As for being a pro - 2000+ posts takes dedication my friend...............:lol:
  • Hi,

    My friend went to NHS ones and she sees a few girls from that at least once a week.

    K x
  • hey
    as Sarah has said def call up/email the lady as the website might not have current info. we had 7 couples including us in our nct class but my friend who did hers in Earlsfield at the same time had 6 couples so guess sometimes people do drop out. We were totally 50/50 when we booked esp as the nhs ones offered to us seemed good (5 2 hour evening sessions) but am so glad we did them now. xx
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